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Is This the Right Glycerin?


I was going to start adding Glycerin into my pre/post workout shakes.. I was wondering if this was the right kind. It says it's active ingredient was 99.5% Glycerin

It is Humco: Glycerin Skin Protectant USP 6 oz I got from Wal-Mart. I wanted to try it out before I bought in bulk to see how my stomach reacts to it.. I'm planning on taking 10-20mls total



Is it right for what? If you want to lower cortisol, you've got your $hit all wrong and you want glycine, which is an amino acid, other, YES that IS glycerine.


For me to put into my pre/post workout shake for hydration. I want to make sure that this is the right stuff to ingest


I'm pretty sure that's glycerol (glycerin), but don't take my word for it. But yeah, taking glycerol straight is not a fun experience. It's like drinking a metallic-tasting 100% melted sugar liquid. It may upset your stomach, but it may just be from the reaction of drinking it. I have no trouble drinking it with in a shake or something. It's also great for getting rid of that subcutaneous water.


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It's tough to tell from the small picture. The company name sounds right from what I remember TC writing about it 10 years ago or so. I remember the stuff I found was for rubbing on the skin. I didn't really want to ingest that so I never played around with it.

I can't remember how much you are to take exactly, but I think it was somewhere around 50ml with 500ml of liquid. I can look it up when I get home if you're not sure.


I think that's for soap


I think I used 'NOW' Vegetable Glycerol from netirtion's website. It actually tasted kinda sweet, so taking a tbsp of it straight wasn't too bad. I was initially concerned because a lot of the ones you find say 'for topical application', so I wasn't sure if I should be ingesting it.



Yes that is the right kind.

But to me, it seems like it would be best used POST WORKOUT only, for cell volumization..

Superhydratation would be usefull pretty much only if you were going to do some kind of endurance sport for a long time.. bike.. marathon..


Cyclists (endurance) have been known to use glycerol / water mixes to 'hyperhydrate' prior to an event.
I guess the OP is wanting to avoid de-hydration.

BTW: Glycerol = Glycerine = Glycerin = Propane-1,2,3,-triol.

See this:


This is exactly it. I have been reading about Glycerin and thought I would try Massive G's pre/post workout shake and compare that to SWF and Sure Recovery.

If you would like the pre/post to take a look I can show you.

Again from what I've read is that pure Glycerin can be ingested and reading from the active ingredient at 99.5% I figured it would be ok to have. Nothing on the label says that I can't drink it and the only thing that it says is if accidental overdose contact poison control.

Again I've gone to three different forums with the same question (even IM) and I really can't get a definitive answer and the web just says that I can take Glycerin, however I can't find information on this type



Yes, that's glycerin.