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Is This the Program I Should Be On?

Gday all. Ive been lifting weights for around 8 months. Ive been happy with my results so far, just wanting to know if a different workout setup would be more useful for me to build muscle mass. Ie 3 day full body workout.

Current workout. 5 days a week.
This is the standard for all workouts bar legs. First and main exercise for each muscle i do 2 sets, go till failure at around 8-10 reps, drop the weight for 10 secs, push till failure hoping for 5-6, 10 secs rest push for 3-4. The rest of the exercises we do just one set with the same process and 45 secs to 1 minute break between exercises.

Day 1 : Back, plus tri’s and abs
T-bar row, bb row, behind neck pulldown, and front pull down.

Day 2 : Legs, plus calves and forearms
Legs we are currently doing 5 mins 30 secs continuous squats. 45 sec break, move onto 2x 30 reps leg extensions, 10 secs rest between sets. 45 sec break and onto leg curls, 3x 10 reps, again 10 sec intervals. Very painful workout, and if its not the most effective with muscle growth id love to change

Day 3 : Shoulders and traps, plus abs
Military press, side laterals, front raises, upright row, barbell shrugs, and low pulley row to neck.

Day 4 : Biceps, plus forearms and calves
Preacher curl, alt db curl, concentration curl, hammer curl.

Day 5 : Chest, plus tri’s and abs
Bench press, incline press, db bench press, peck deck, db flyes

All minor workouts i do three sets.
Supps, protein and creatine
Stats 6"5, 195lb. 9-10% BF. No option, i have to weigh atleast 220lb with the same BF%
Havnt done max weight for bench, squat so could’nt tell you.

If you have been happy with your results and its working why change? Keep sticking with it until you stop getting results and then look at changing it up