Is This the End of Roe v. Wade?

Here’ an unusual development. Why would the Supreme Court leak a draft of such a momentous decision? I’m not sure, but if I were about to about to upset a lot of progressives in 2022 I’d think about doing my best to let them down gently. Please, don’t take up any more torches.

We all like mom and pop stores here in the conservative camp too, but that’s no reason to burn down any more Targets or actual community-owned buildings in your or anyone else’s communities. Some of us welcome a new Target opening to service our community with more affordable options to get stuff.

I’m not sure if leaking a draft document like this will help or hurt, but I suppose it gives a window of opportunity for everyone to become internet experts on both the case law and basic understanding of civics in the USA. Hopefully these emerging experts are somehow able to get their ideas out to people on the remote fringes of social media that remain beyond the reach of Elon Musk.

Maybe this is all fake news. Or perhaps a massive nothing-burger. I suppose we’ll find out soon. In the meantime, discuss!

The is a 0% chance of this happening. Female rage is imminent.

“My body, my choice! But not when it comes to vaccines or masks.”

Not being able to kill your baby at 8 months gestation screams of white male oppression


The meltdown has already begun in my circle. The most woke guy I know in real life is on Facebook saying he will fight to the death on this.

He’s an old martial arts weirdo who can’t fight at all, but luckily for him “fighting to the death” just means posting extra-hard on social media.


Is this leak an effort to begin questioning the authority of the Supreme Court? Will “rage” on social media get enough traction for those politicians who want to make changes to the Supreme Court to pass legislation?

I’m not sure how this is a women’s issue since men and women can have babies…


Maybe the actual aim of the leak is the midterm elections.

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Yeah, men are better at everything. So good, in fact, that we make better mothers now too!


I believe this is the case, and based on headlines I do not believe I am alone in this belief.
McEnany: If Supreme Court leak story is true, ‘it would seem to me [someone] with a motive clearly leaked it’ (
(just parrot’s what you said, no need to watch it)

Everyone is acting like this outlaws abortion. It just returns the decision to the states and the voters therein.


That’s all conservative rulings ever do.


More accurate? perhaps.

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That’s correct. It is yet another desperate conservative cope.

Cope: Elon Musk is gonna bring back unbridled free speech.
Cope: Get woke, go broke.
Cope: Thinking abortion is going away.
Cope: Much of America is armed.

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The Senate filibuster will most likely be put to the test again.

I bet if it is found out who leaked it (likely an assistant or something), that they will no longer have a job related to the law.

I am not sure what the motivation for the leak is, but I do think it will be a motivation for progressives in the midterm.

It does sound like the leaked document is either a very good fake or legitimate. Most “experts” seem to think it is real. I wonder if it is overturned, what we will see out of corporations.

This is true and the list of culprits is very short from what I’ve read. Only the justices and their clerks.

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But the leaker might very well make Time Magazine Person of the Year. (Even if they are disbarred)

There are no shortage of people in government positions who consider activism to be more important than any kind of governing, professional or legal principle.

These people are often lauded.

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They have missed the mark so spectacularly that I think they just need to stop doing “person of the year”.

Some spectacular misses by Time (wiki as source):

1938: Hitler
1939: Stalin
1942: Stalin (repeat)
1971: Nixon
1972: Nixon (repeat)
2007: Putin

There are many questionable ones too. Bezos, Zuckerberg…

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Which(reaction) is very odd, considering that would still allow someone needing an abortion to pretty-easily kill her unborn child with a relatively short trip to another state.

How are those spectacular misses? I believe the criteria is: “recognition of the person who had the most influence on the events of the year, for good or for ill.”

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I think most people consider the award for only “good” at this point. Maybe I am wrong, and person of they year should go to Putin again this year?

Perhaps, but Time is the awarding entity. And the criteria is “for good or for ill.”

That sounds like a pretty solid choice.

Edit: Greta Thunberg in 2019 is what I would call a spectacular miss. Someone with NO influence on the events of the year.

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