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Is This Test Legit If Sent to the US?


Hi, My name is Tony and I have been body building naturally since I was 16. Now I want to do my first cycle.

I have already ordered all of the anti estrogens and SERMs needed. I live in the US so I probably can get those and have a good chance that they will be real. When it comes to buying Test enanthate however, it's different. I am aware of one site and they sell something called Enanogen (Testosterone Enanthate 10ml 300mg/ml). I tried looking up what exactly that is and found nothing. They sell other test enth to other countries exclusively that look more legit (but then again those might be fake but I am unsure).

Could this site be selling fake products to the US but perhaps be selling real stuff to other countries?



HI Tony
You say you started BBing when you were 16 I was just wondering how old you are now as it is inadvisable to cycle before you are 25 except in certain circumstances. There is further info on this in the Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning sticky.

I have heard of the gear you mention and believe it to be ok however any gear can be faked. Hopefully somebody else can jump in and give you more info.


I'm 22

My question is more about if my suspicions that certain online companies that would normally sell AAS to countries where it is legal might also sell fake ASS to countries where it is illegal like the U.S. just to make an extra buck are valid.

thanks tony.


No familiarity with that name but hell yes it's a dirty business.

Some companies are reputable for a long time... and then not. Others might not treat every customer equally. Never fork over more money than you can afford to lose, regardless of the mode of acquisition.