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Is this Sub-Q or Shallow IM?

I use half inch 29 gauge slin needles for my daily T shots, started doing my delts and found I much prefer them. But would that be Sub Q or shallow IM? Im not particularly lean or fat either way, sit at around 18/19% BF.


I would think if doing delts that is a shallow IM

How much are you injecting? If I inject any more than 0.4mL with a 1/2” it starts leaking out. I would say it’s half and half.

Currently doing just over 20mg a day

I inject 31.5mg daily with 29g 1/2” long needles too. Its definitely shallow IM. No leaks, no issues, just benefits

Sweet, thanks. Yeah I really like the delts, much prefer it to the belly fat which I was doing before