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Is This Still PIP?

Usually, about 4-8 hours the PIP from my test-p shot will subside; however, it’s been about 48 hours and, although it did fade in the beginning hours, the “PIP feeling” came back to about the same level/stronger.

Is it too soon to worry about an infection? When should I get it checked?

Where did you pin - and have you been lifting or working out that could have affected that body part?

Personally, I wouldn’t worry unless the pain got really bad or you noticed swelling.

It was done in my quad.

I skipped leg day today; the first time ever after starting to pin there because of it. I haven’t done legs or knowingly injured it. It’s not swollen, but feels slightly tender.

Thighs are sensitive - -at least mine are. If you pinned too far on the outer thigh it only makes it worse. Needle could be too big - check out the injection sticky.

As long as you don’t have redness and swelling - you should be fine. I would Ice it and take some ibuprofen.

It’s on the upper thigh. But, will ice tonight and see what happens.


I would try heating pad and massage. Ice may just cause the oil to stay in place rather than dissipate thru the muscle