Is This Stack Too Much?

Going to cut and want to retain as much size as possible, quite possibly add some, and keep the strength.

Wk1-12: 500mg test e / wk, 250mg pinned 2x
Wk1-6: 30mg epistane ED
Wk1-6: 75mg halodrol ED
Wk1-12: 50mg trestolone PWO only (cut at wk6 if liver values are out of wack though)
Wk1-6: 100mg oral primo ED
Wk1-12: 200mg primo, 100mg pinned 2x weekly

Got cycle support and AIs covered. No need for PCT.

Anything to add or drop?


Only two methyls, not counting one as PWO only. I’ve considered dropping that, though.

Any critique on this cycle?