Is This Soreness Normal?

Hello all,

Is it to be sore or stiff in muscles and even joints after not working out with weights for a while? I haven’t had a chance to hit the gym for a couple of week now and my joints are killing me. Is this natural or am I just falling apart?


Nope, I don’t think thats normal - if anything you should be feeling better.

Getting enough fats & vitamins/minerals in your diet?

Have you been doing a lot of running? That could easily cause it.

How old are you. I’m 50 and if I don’t workout for more than a few days, my joints start to ache. I know it’s arthritis in my case and the exercising seems to lubricate the joints and reduces the pain. Try this on the over 35 forum if it’s an age thing for you.


Is the soreness related to an injury or you overdoing it somewhere? Because that sort of thing can take a while to go away. But if you�??re just hurting all over all the time, it sounds like arthritis, and you should probably see a doctor.