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Is This Site Legit

Is this a legit site for steroids www.roid***le.com

I’d like to buy a vowel.

[quote]4est wrote:
I’d like to buy a vowel.[/quote]

try the number 4, before adding 2 letters. The site looks professional, but that means nothing these days

The home page says “vivals” instead of vials…kinda makes me a little nervous

[quote]tmjoyce wrote:
4est wrote:
I’d like to buy a vowel.

try the number 4, before adding 2 letters. The site looks professional, but that means nothing these days[/quote]

I feel stupid because it took me like 15 mins to figure out what I was trying to do I knew it had sale in it but I thought 42sale and I was like that’s stupid that doesn’t make sence but I figured it out.


This site seems to have the same shipping FAQ word for word as this site:

Either it’s the same company or same scammer.

both sites verified through BD

That’s the site that advertises all their bogus crap in the muscle rags. They call their stuff similar names to the real thing like ‘winni-V’ But they do not actually contain ‘winstrol’ but a product that they even name similar - ‘cyclostanozonol’.
They of course have many more of these products, all along the same lines.
My advice is buyer beware!

What is BD?

The giant, thai fire breathing British Dragon “UG” lab. Known for expensive, quality products.

So The site i ssaid in the beging of this thread is 100% legit and their product actually work

there are alot better sites out there w/ better prices. you can get mex gear for REALLY cheap. there is a few plpaces that offer it. deca as 10 ml deca300 from $50-70- that’s cheap. i’ve used alot of different companies in the past and found the mex/us ones to be the best for product and service.

what about www.anabolicpha***.com have anybody tried dealing with them before?

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rule of thumb: if they take a credit card then they are usually ligit. you can always dispute it on your card if ti doesn’t come through. but some of therse sites are WAY over priced. i can get 1 10ml deca 300, 1 10ml tes cyp, 100 25mg dbol, 50 clomid, and 100 clenbuteral for $300.00- that’s with the shipping… so if you are paying $350 for 10ml then you are getting ripped off. heck, i’d sell you a $50 bottle for $385! that’s a joke, please don’t ask me to…

[quote]cat3slayer wrote:
rule of thumb: if they take a credit card then they are usually ligit.[/quote]

Hey cat3slayer, I’ll take your credit card! Saying that a site is legit (notice the spelling of “legit”) because they will take your credit card is really naive. The fact that they are even selling steroids means that they are a bit shady to start with. Do you really want these kinds of people knowing your credit card number?

Have you ever tried this? “Hey credit card company, my steroids did not arrive as promised. Could you please reimburse me for the loss?” Yeah… I am sure that will work just fine.

While you are at it, why don’t you just ask your friendly neighborhood police officer where the best deals on crack are in town? Afterall, they must have some good info on that stuff.

man, you woke up in a bad mood.
i have ordered and disputed a charge on an euro pharm site and granted it took sometime to get my money back, but i did. and i can understand that part about sending your number, but i’ve only had one bad incident. but these are risks we all take. i’ve lost too much money in the past trying to get stuff and i’d hate to see anyone else get burned like i have. but you figure, i;ve already done all the leg work and have tried alot of places, so if i can help someone not to get burned then i’d love to help them head in the right direction…

sorry if this irratates you and my spelling is bad, but i’m not anal and don’t proof read what i write. sorry for the mistakes, i’m only human.

Hi, I have found a couple of Internet sources but I’d like to know if they are legit before placing my first order (my first ever). Their web sites look very professional and have been around for a while and that is a start, but certainly not enough to trust them or give them my credit card number.

If anyone wish to help, I could pm their links.

Thanks in advance and please excuse my English.

anaste***d.com? Or has anybody purchased gear from them before?