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Is This Similar to the Deadlift?


See attached image, is the exercise on this bench thingy similar to the deadlift? I would think so since it works the lower back, glutes and hams.

I'm asking so I could use this as variety in my program.


This would be a form of thigh support straight leg deadlifts. It took a while for me to see that. It is excellent for the hamstrings, but you should keep your back straight. And, are you are picking up a barbell off the ground, or have one behind your head when you use this?


No I grab a weight disc and "clench" on to it.


This bench is for back extensions -- not like a deadlift really and not designed to use a bar with, although I guess you could try it. It would be difficult to do. I have tried using dumbells on the one at my gym -- lets just say it was interesting.


I hope you don't plan on buying that.

If you want the benefits of deadlifts, deadlift.

If you want to buy a machine for posterior chain work, I'd stick with Elite's reverse hyper or glute-ham bench.

But you can do plenty with a barbell.


nah not buying it, just using the image as reference since I didn't know how it's called.


This machine is what I have to use for glute-ham raises.


I'm with Bikemike on this one.. I also use the one we have at the Y to do back extensions, warming up my back BEFORE doing deadlifts and one legged glute ham raises... still get the odd look once in awhile using only one leg :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall not the best but you do the best with what you've got.

and btw, nothing beats doing the actual deadlift :stuck_out_tongue: