Is This Shredded? Wanna Do Show in the Future

Hey I’m not knocking it. I used PEDs for about three years up until a year ago or so. I understand where you are coming from and it’s a personal choice.

My reason for commenting is that once you’ve dabbled you have to keep increasing in dose or frequency to keep making gains. Moderate use IMO isn’t very risky but the levels most pros use these days can be detrimental. That’s why I was just proposing you make sure you like the stage before upping the ante. Make sense?


Yes I understand what you mean and It totaly makes sense. I am very careful and I care about my health.
For example I’ve never had visible gyno but everytime even on low dose of test I had to overdo AI or I would get gyno flare so I was poping AI a lot and it was an issue that bothered me. So before I went back on this year I just paid to get my glands removed eventho it was not even visible but I don’t have to be overdoing AI now which is much better for my health if I plan to stay on trt. There’s many other stuff I changed or made to stay as healthy as possible cuz I decided to go enhanced route.

I have my own limits with dosages and if I see on bloodwork or other results that it is too much for my body I wouldn’t go past that.
I will always try to find the most healthy way eventho sometimes if we wanna go into extreme it is obviously not healthy anymore but you can still try to keep things atleast on certain level and don’t go super crazy.

Maybe I won’t even place in my shows next year or I just simply won’t like competing after I try it or maybe I will be lucky enough that my genetics will let me win and I can get into pro level one day.
So I cannot really say now how much I would need to increase the PEDs in future. I always try to start from the lowest amount possible and slowly increase it till the end of my blast phase.

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Well written and sadly it is probably as you said.
In my head the competition will be just a goal I want to achieve and I will have exact day marked that I need to look my best on that day. So it is gonna drive me even more.
And of course curiousity because I have really no idea if I could place well and in few last weeks people in gym keep asking me where I am competing so it gives me a little bit extra motivation also.

So as I promised I will update with photos from my peak.
I was carbing up for 2 days - around 800-1000g carbs daily. Third day I ate 3 small meals but in total of 280g carbs total and went to get pump + pose. Was dehydrated and was doing this as my try peak so I know for future. Here is how I looked.

After this I drank like 5 litres of water and ate everything - around 6000kcal in junk. Burgers, fries, candies - just everything you can think of.
In the evening I went for more photos after all this junk food eating I was breathing heavy cuz I was eating a lot. My stomach was hard to flex but I felt so much fuller like I added atleast 4 kgs.

What do you think is better look? I am prolly more watery but I felt really full maybe if I waited few hours to digest all the food and then went pose it would be the best look.

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You look great. What is your TRT protocol, and what did you run for your blasts?

Honestly, I have a hard time telling the difference from pictures. I’m sure its more noticeable in person. My biggest critique would be that you need to bring up the wheels to the same level/size as upper body. Being lean doesn’t seem to be a problem for you… meaning you know how to do that.

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Hello man and thank you.
When I am on TRT I take 125-150 mg test e/week and I can do it without any AI since I went for gyno surgery I have no more problems and my estrogen is just a little bit above the upper limit. I split doses into 3 injections per week - using small insulin syringes.

This blast I went for 12 weeks. Started on 300mg test e + 300 mg mast e + 100mg tren e/week + 4 iu HGH
Last 5 weeks I was using 400mg test e + 500mg mast e + 300mg tren e/week + 4iu HGH.
Last 4 weeks I added 40mg stan/week + bit of clen for 2-3 weeks → 20-60mcg/day.
I do not get any sides from taking tren - I sleep like a baby whole night and I don’t feel horrible like most people do. Maybe because I take very low dose but I am afraid of taking it to higher doses cuz I know that inside me it is gonna be mess - mostly my cholesterol is gonna be very bad.

After this blast I’ll go for rebound I will prolly stay on 300mg test + 300mg primo + 4iu HGH + 500mg metformin for like 8 weeks and then go for TRT dose to fully clean up and then later on I will start my bulk phase.
I Try to keep doing my cardio on empty stomach and eat clean food + increasing calories. I will be eating around 3500-4500kcal daily of clean foods. This week I will just enjoy junk food but then I am gonna be back on track.
Maybe I will add some T4 later on if I keep using HGH for longer period of time but I will decide after I get my bloodwork done.

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Thanks for your opinion. Ye I mentioned it above I need to bring up my legs. Especially when I diet down they dissapear. I get some nice cuts in them but they are definitely undersized and it bothers me. I will focus on growing legs in my rebound and bulk phase. I think this is good starting point to make them grow.

The side chest pic before the junk food looks better than after. There is more serratus detail.

The side triceps pic after the junk food seems to have fuller deltoid than before. But you seemed to have better triceps striations before the junk food.

With the additional weight after junk food, I would think your after junk food look would look bigger than before, but we can’t know without you posing against yourself (which is impossible). Did you feel like you looked bigger?

I believe you would be difficult to defeat in Men’s Physique. I believe you should compete to become comfortable with the situation.

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What have you been doing for your legs? How much can you squat for 10 reps?

Thanks for this. Ye and also another thing is that in the evening I was flexing under totaly different lightning so I believe it is really hard to judge. Anyways I just feel so much fuller now after eating lot of food and training finally became enjoyable again.
Sadly there is no competitions going any time soon around me so I will just continue in my plan and compete in like 14-15 months from now. I would like to pack on around 20lbs of muscle in next year. As I said I will give it my 100% and try to do everything correctly. My body is hungry and sensitive so this is ideal time to make the biggest progress and I have so much time.

Your question about my legs. I was doing squats and deadlifts every leg and back training back in the days like 3-4 years ago and I was able to squat 440lbs (200kg) for one rep max when my body weight was only 172lbs(78kgs). I remember I was able to squat 315lbsx10 I was just so strong in the squat (for my BW) and my depth was really good. Problem was that my legs just never grew from this. So I swapped my training and focused more on slow and negative reps + big rep range and I was finally able to make good progress but when I dieted down my legs went down again. Maybe I really overdid cardio in this diet phase and it fucked up my legs.
Right now when I squat I mostly do it as last excersise in my training and go for like 220-240lbs for 10-12 reps just in the end as finisher. I focus on different leg excersises.

I have told this story here at least four times, but it was the pivot point of my training philosophy. I entered my first bodybuilding show in the fall of 1970. It was the Mr All South. Back in those days the contestants met with the judges before the show, which was held at the end of a powerlifting meet. The head judge said, “We know that you wouldn’t be here is you didn’t have good chest, shoulders, and arms. What we will be looking for is development of your legs, back, and abs.” I had been running for my legs with some leg extension and leg curl machine work. And being 6’0" tall with long legs, you can imagine what my legs looked like. When I next went to the gym the PRIORITY was training legs with major compound movements.

Your back and legs training directly involves about 75% of your muscle. I never worked those together if you count deadlifts more of a back exercise than a leg exercise. I did the conventional deadlift, so it was more back than legs.

I always had a leg day, where I did my thighs and hips, calves, and abs. And often took the next day off. In my 40’s I only did legs (thighs and hips) once a week and there was nothing left to do anything significant after thighs and hips. I started with squats and went to leg presses both doing ten reps with heavy weight, then to ultra wide leg presses (toes pointed 180 degrees apart) to really hit my inner thighs (not too heavy as not wanting to pull a groin muscle.) Only then did I go to leg extensions and leg curls. For the last 8 weeks before a contest I added walking lunges with 30lb dumbbells) at the end to finish off thighs.

I did back (heavy barbell rows and heavy deadlifts) on Monday and then legs on Wednesday. I needed that Tuesday off to rest my erectors for a killer leg day.

My point is if your legs are lacking, you need to brutalize them. With AAS you can do plenty one day a week. Off AAS, a heavy leg day and then a light leg day is better, but you cannot brutalize them off AAS.

You do what you believe works for you, but I do know that I started with obviously lagging legs, and eventually won best legs in a contest once my legs caught up.


Thank you for the advice. I will definitely try to go very hard when I finally can eat more. I want to start focusing on heavy squats again after this long time and I know I can get some big numbers later on if I focus on squatting. But I also gonna keep the other excersises with lot of reps + slow negatives which should help. As you stated I need to brutalize them. I will just train legs once per week but combine it as you said and then I will see if they progressing enough.