Is This Shredded? Wanna Do Show in the Future

Hello everyone,

I’ve been reading forum for years but never really wrote anything here and finally decided to post since I am thinking about doing competition next year.
I am trying to diet down to see how lean I can get and if I have what it takes to go compete. Also after the diet body is gonna be hungry and I can make the best progress i next 12-15 months.

I am in the end of my cut right now and very depleted I think. I wanna try carb up this week and see the final result. the goal was to get as lean as possible to have good starting point.

Did I get to 6% body fat?

My plan is to compete in around 15 months from now - in my opinion I need more mass. I wanna do clean rebound for 2-3 months after this diet and then bulk phase for 4-6 months.

Here are some recent pictures. I would like to hear your opinions. I think I can compete in men’s physique category in future when I gain more muscle. My legs are lacking but I try to work on them.¨

If you have any questiong about how I got into the shape just ask anything. I will be happy to answer!


Looking awesome, man. You’re definitely stage ready.

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please tell me what style of training you do, how many hours of cardio were you doing per week the week you took those pics, ht, wt in pics, macros at beginning of cut, macros at end.

thank you.

Thank you very much! Today I am starting carb up for next 2-3 days I will update with the final result.
After this dieting phase I am gonna enjoy some food and week with my wife and then get back into work and go for clean rebound.


I started dieting 12 weeks ago. I think I was alrdy in semi-good shape before I started.
I trained 5 days a week with this split:
Monday: chest + one excersise (4sets) for side delts in the end of workout
Tuesday: back + one excersise (4sets) for biceps + triceps in the end of workout
Wednesday: Legs + calves+ abs
Thursday: day off
Friday: Shoulders + one excersise (4sets) for chest in the end of workout
Saturday: Arms + abs
Sunday: off

I was doing cardio every morning - empty stomach. Started with 20mins every day (10k-12k steps daily) and since week 5 I started doing 45mins empty stomach (12k-14k steps).
Week 8-10 I was doing 2x45 mins (1x empty stomach + 1x in the middle of the day - as much separated from weight training as possible) (15k steps+)
Week 11 - 45 mins empty stomach.
Last week - stopped cardio just doing 10k steps daily.

In pics I weight only 165lbs ( 74kg±) my height is 5,9 (176cm±)
When I carb up I think my weight will go up around 4kgs atleast cuz it dropped last crazy in last 2 weeks.

I was eating around 3500kcal on high days and 2400kcal low days and 2800 kcal on mid days I did cheat meal like 1-2x week. In last 2 weeks I went down to 2200-2400kcal and no cheat meals at all.
Last 5 depletion days I am doing 2100kcal with 140-150carbs. This is very very low for me and I feel like I am dying on this amount of carbs.
I wanna carb up quite big on around 800-1000carbs for next 2 days. This is just test for me I am not competing now so I can try what it does. Everything is gonna be clean food only.

Food sources are same whole 12 weeks: Rice, cream of rice, oats, eggs, egg whites, chicken breast, sometimes salmon, cottage cheese, protein powder (1xdaily), apple, banana. I do not eat anything else I am very very hungry all the time and I enjoy every single meal eventho it is still the same.


Who knows, but you got incredibly ridiculously lean whatever that number is. Dont get too caught up on getting to a specific number… you are leaner than 99% of not just the population will ever get, but 99% leaner than any weight trainer will ever get.

I think your current physique combined with this plan will yield great results. The simple fact that you are in a mindset that is thinking about things in this type of time frame instead of weeks shows that you have the maturity to achieve great things.

Honestly you are so far past what most people online will ever get too all you really need to do is this exact same thing again after spending the next year adding weight intelligently and shredding up again just like you just did.

You already have the blueprint, the proof that it works, and the maturity to pull it off.


Thank you for your opinion. That’s very nice to hear! I am fully motivated to give my everything this year and pack on quality size. I’ve studied a lot past few months and I will try to do everything the best way possible.

If people are gonna be interested in this topic I can document my journey here. Plan in my head is: Rebound → bulk phase → clean up phase → contest prep diet.

Basicaly this diet should be my starting point in my journey to competing. I wanted to start on lowest % of BF possible and take it slow - have enough time to pack on tissue.
I documented every single meal in last 90 days and all my trainings + cardio session etc. Also trying this peak week just to see how I react and what it does to my body so I have atleast one experience with peaking. Honestly I am not really sure if i am doing it correctly but we will see.

I’ve never had any coach or personal trainer I learn everything by myself and I’ve done thousand mistakes in the past in nutrition, training etc and still learning and trying to improve.


Theres almost no “real” BBing on here any more so it would be a welcome addition.

If you have any Qs Christian Thibadaue has a forum here you could bounce ideas off of, he is very knowledgeable.

IMO, you should have competed in a men’s physique contest in the condition you were in. The experience you would get is valuable, if you plan on competing. I believe that you would have done very well.

The more comfortable you become with being on stage, competing, the better you will look. Many people get anxious which is a stress that puts water under your skin and makes you look smooth. Many believe that their carb loading timing was off. They would look better the next morning. IMO, it was most likely anxiety. When the contest is over the anxiety departs and they look sharp the next morning as their muscles draw the water from under the skin back into the muscle.


The plan seems sound. How many weeks do you believe will be “contest prep diet”? If you were 6% body fat in your pics, what percent body fat do you plan to be at the start of your “contest prep diet”?

Well I think I can get shredded really quick and more muscle I pack on this year the easier it can be. I basicaly needed like 8 weeks of dieting to get into shredded shape last 4 weeks were just to get even more and go into hunger state.

I don’t wanna get fat in the bulking phase and I would like to go highest for like 12% body fat but not more.

So maximum duration on my contest prep diet will be 12 weeks and if I make it 12 weeks I am pretty sure I can start on relatively high calories and carbs intake and slowly reduce it down.

Well I was yday on Inbody and was curious how much % body fat it’s gonna say. InBody stated I am at 3% body fat which is obviously not true so I would guess around 6%.

Is this shredded? Is that a real question lol?

Goodness gracious if that isn’t shredded I don’t know what is. You look incredible. You clearly have it figured out. Awesome stuff.

Do you have a training log?


Are you competing in natural/tested or plan on using PEDs?

You could do that now, especially as a natural.

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Thanks man!
Nop I don’t exactly write down how many sets and reps and what exact weight I did. But I wrote my training plan here few posts up.

I am not natural and I am using PEDs.
Next year I wanna compete in untested national level shows and then move up - will be probably IFBB Elite.

You should start a training log on here. I’d love to follow along and I’m sure others would too. You’re in the 99.9th percentile.

Sorry but I kinda don’t wanna write down every training session here. That would be too much work for me honestly.
I can answer questions related to my diet, supplements, training etc but not gonna do log.
I can keep the topic updated and post photos every like 2 weeks to track my progress while I will be putting on some size.

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Depending on what you’ve already thrown at your body it may be hard to add mass without taking significant health risks.

If you haven’t competed yet why don’t you give it a go before stressing your body further to make sure you even like it? Just food for thought.

I’ve been on trt for last 3 years and did blast once a year. And honestly it completely changed my life for better.
Well last year (11 months ago) I went off completely for 6 months to get my wife pregnant and since March this year I got back on trt and then slowly transition into this diet blast phase since June.

I am sorry but I’ve never understood what’s the point of people who say you can only take PEDs if you compete. So I can take PEDs to prep for a random show where I don’t even know if I am gonna place well and if I win I get a nice price like protein powder for placing good. So in this case it is fine to take PEDs?
I live with this and fitness makes me happy and I studied everything connected to PEDs for years and I actually think I have really good knowledge and I basicaly spent more money on bloodwork than on PEDs while I was learning how my body respond to certain things.
Even if I don’t compete I would still be using PEDs because it is something I enjoy and I love doing.

Having competed in about 70 bodybuilding contests and about 10 powerlifting meets, I can safely say that the powerlifting meets are many times more fun than the bodybuilding contests. In fact, competing in bodybuilding shows are less fun than watching them, which I don’t really like much.

You ask: Then why compete? I was driven to see how good I could be. The contests were a necessary evil to get an unbiased opinion.

What is so bad about the contests?

  • It is more like a beauty contest than an athletic event. The competitors are eyeing each other, wondering how they stack up with the competition. They don’t pull for each other to do their best (like is done in powerlifting meets).
  • The contests are almost always decided at pre-judging, with no exception that I can recall. There is an insufferable wait between pre-judging and the night show. Time seemed to literally stand still. Plus, you want one more chance to show the judges how good you look. (They won’t even be necessarily be paying attention at the night show. Judging of the classes is complete at the end of pre-judging.) All that is left is the pose down of the class winners for the overall. But there is always the opportunity to do your individual posing routine for the audience, if that is what you like. I never cared about the attention.

Everyone is different. You might actually enjoy competing in bodybuilding contests. I enjoyed doing well, and especially winning. But if I had it my way, the winners and places would occur immediately after the pre-judging.