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Is This Sensible for a Legs Day?


Stats: 26 male, 5'10.5", 175lbs

Back squat 5x5 ramping up to 5rm (resting 2 - 4 min)

Front squat 6x4 ramping up to a 6rm (resting 2 - 4 min)

Leg Press 3x8-12 straight sets (resting ~1 min)

semi-suppinated pull-ups 3x5-6

donkey calf-raises 2x18 straight sets (resting ~1 min)


Looks fine, maybe you could add some direct hamstring work.


Post some weights used for these? I'm sure the advice will vary depending on whether you can squat 95 or 295 pounds :smiley:

From a quick glance, it looks way too quad-oriented.

My beginner workout for legs alternated between squat-focus or deadlift-focus.

Squat focused:
- Back Squat
- Hamstring Curl
- Leg Press
- Calf raises

Deadlift Focus
- Butt busters on a ball (http://www.fitness-training-at-home.com/glute-building-exercises.html)
- Leg Press
- Deadlift
- Calf raises

Everything is pretty much 5x5 except for butt busters, obviously. Most men are completely deficient in their glutes.


Yes, please tell me you plan on working the other half of your legs.


maybe he left hamstrings to train on back/deadlift day


No! You don't have to train muscles you can't see easily in the mirror :slight_smile:


Which is what I do, which is fine. But we won't know unless he responds


maybe he died after his quadriceps ripped his legs in half from so much overpowering his hamstrings. =(


I never got an e-mail that said there was a reply and I had a busy week so I forgot to check haha..

Here is my back day

day 1
deadlift 2x3 2x1 ramping to 1RM 1x6 from a plank
pendlay rows 5x5 ramping to 5RM
semi-suppinated pull ups 6x5
dumbell rows 3x8 straight sets
chest supported row 3x8-12 straight sets


This week I did a glute day which included

glute bridges 6x6 ramping to a 4 plates a side.. I don't do any more because it breaks the blood vessles in my face otherwise
good mornings 4x6 ramping to weight that I could continue with
semi-suppinated pull-ups 3x5
pull overs 3x10
donkey calf raises 2x20

5RM squat is 245lbs
1RM deadlift is 405
6RM on the front squat is 185... on the 6th rep I was leaning over so much I was actually pushing the bar into my shoulder girdle with my arms

Any other weights relevant?


Is that right? You sure you don't mean hamstrings?

I have to tame my ass if I do back squats more than once a week lol