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Is This Routine Too Much?

Basically I’ve written out a new routine that centres around the Waterbury method… But I’d like to know is it’s considered too much to do in a week? Thanks.

Military Press 10x3
Arnold Press - 4x6
Front Raises
Side Lats
Upright Row


Squats 10x3
Ham Ext 4x6
Quad ext
Calf Ext


BB Bench 10x3
BB Incline 4x6
Incline Fly’s
Decline Fly’s
Pressups - failure

Deadlift 10x3
BB Row 4x6
Pull Down
Pull ups - failure

DB Curls 10x3
BB Curl 4x6
Hammer Curls
V Grip pull 10x3
DB Overhead ext. 4x6
Skull Crushers
Dips - failure

Appreciate your feedback/modifications guys.

Well your split is a delt, legs, chest and back, arms split. And Waterbury as far as I know recommends
doing tbt or upper/lower as far as I know.

but a split aint bad, so if you like splits go for it even thou it doesnt fit 100% in with Waterbury`s method.

There is many articles and threads with good splits on this site and forum.

“The bodybuilding bible” thread and the “do this instead of that dumb…” thread are a place to start.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Wow that is a lot of delt work…

Looks fine, definitely not too much for only hitting body parts 1x a week.

Inaccurate to call that the Waterbury Method.

There’s no need to create a routine of your own based on his principles. He already has many sample routines which you could make slight modifications to if essential. No need to reinvent the wheel.

I can’t see justification to that much direct arm work if your following his methods.

Fly’s, Lat raises? You’ll find many coaches and bodybuilder’s who’ll use and love them, but they have very little place in a Waterbury Routine.

Waterbury Principles: High Frequency, High Sets - Low Reps - Fewer Exercises (of which are compound, multi joint movements) - Favourable to choose Upper/Lower or Wholebody routines.

Its certainly a good idea for you to try different routines as it could be the contrast you need. Whilst a conventional bodybuilding routine is good, for some the change away can prove beneficial.

i wopuld perhaps allow for two days between squats and deads, and more horizontal pulling or less horizontal pushing

I appreciate the help guys.

I think it’s more psychological for me to want to do a day solely on arms, I’m too used to it and not sure if how I’d feel giving them up. The benefit of leaving them to last though is I can see how they feel by Friday and maybe then I’d feel better leaving them out, as in they’ve had a good enough work out already.

I’m guilty of being an isolation lifter if I’m honest, so incorporating some exercises into this routine, at least initially will be important to me, if maybe after 2 weeks I’m either exhausted or satisfied that they’re not needed I’ll drop them for the last 2 weeks.

I did do shoulders today, had a good sweat by the end although had to find my weight at times so may have a lost some effectiveness.

Just out of curiousity, I’m a low carb guy, not a diet a lifestyle I keep to under 50g carbs during the week with 1 re-feed and 1 carb up day a week, it’s helped shed body fat and I’m used to it. Do any of you keep a low carb diet doing methods like this without over-fatigue?

Thanks again guys.