Is This Routine OK?

I am 33 years old and I weigh ~76kg/166pounds at 178cm/ 5´10 bf ~15%. I am from Germany so my english is not the best.

My 5rm maxes so far:

Squat 107,5kg/235pounds

Bench paused 95kg/210pounds

Deadlift 122,5kg/270pounds

Overheadpress 52,5kg/115pounds

My goal is to get stronger at the big 3, the Overheadpress, build some muscle and maybe compete some day at a powerlifting meat.

I came up with this training programm and would like to know some opinions.

An example:

First Cycle:

Week 1, 5x5 100kg/220pounds.

Week 2, 4x4 102,5kg/225pounds.

Week 3, 3x3 105kg/230pounds, maybe an AMRAP as last set?

Week 4 (Deload) 2x3 with 100kg/220pounds.

Second Cycle:

Week 1, 5x5 102,5kg/225pounds.

Week 2, 4x4 105kg/230pounds


Squat 5x5/4x4/3x3

Overheadpress 5x5/4x4/3x3

wide grip cable row 3x12 (I want to strengthen my upper back for the Deadlift)

incline dumbbell Press 3x12

Superset of:

Rolling dumbbell triceps extensions 3x10 with

incline dumbbell flyes 3x10


Deadlift 5x5/4x4/3x3

close grip Benchpress RPE8 5x5 (maybe 5x5/4x4/3x3 as well?)

dumbbell row 3x12

close stance Legpress 3x12 with weightlifting shoes to strenghten my Quads

Superset of:

Hammercurls 3x10 with

toes to bar 3x12


Benchpress 1 second pause 5x5/4x4/3x3

Squat 3 second pause 65% 5x5 (maybe 5x5/4x4/3x3 as well?)

Goodmornings 3x12

Lat pulldown 3x12

Superset of:

Barbell curls 3x10 with

Facepulls 3x10

Sunday (at home):

dumbbell rear delt flyes 4x12

dumbbell lateral raises 4x12

At the deload Week I would reduce the Volume from 3 sets to 2 sets.

Some of my thoughts:

1.Is the Volume enoghue?

2.Will a rep Range of 12 help in developing strenght?

3.Maybe change 3x12 to 4x8?

4.Are 9 Sets of direct back work enoghue?

5.Instead of „5x5/4x4/3x3“ I was thinking of „5x5/5x4/5x3“

6.I hope my shoulders get bigger but will it work with „5x5/4x4/3x3“?

Will this work or is this routine b*******?

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Is there a reason you chose to try and write something yourself rather than use one of the many good strength or powerlifting programs written by an experienced coach ?


You would be much better off following an existing program. Most newer lifters simply don’t have enough knowledge to write an effective program. The biggest issue is your planned progression, you are talking about doing 3x3 with only 10lbs more than what you use for 5x5, that is 9 reps vs. 25.


What the others have said, get a strength program. The Calgary barbell one if pretty good. I’ve done cube kingpin, but it is brutal TBH.

531 is tried and true, just haven’t done it.

Yeah hit it hard and will work fine actually.

If want big shoulders do the laterals/ isolation work on OHP day.

Wow i saw this late. Its actually a good concept, though id modify it.