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Is this routine good for me?

okay im a 17 yr old 5’11 140 lb guy thats gonna start lifting.

I was gonna do the The Beginner’s Blast Off Program by Chris Shugart found here http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/279big.jsp

but this workout has u working out diff muscle groups once a week. For some reason this seems like to long to work out the same area again. Is it just me or can my muscles use the week for a rest. I wanna have maximal results.

Since you are a beginner, I’d follow the beginners program. It’s been developed so that you can learn the ropes of weight training. A seven day break between consecutive workouts for a bodypart may seem crazy but it’s not. I follow that split myself and it works great for me. If you follow the program faithfully, then you will probably be thankful for a week’s break-your muscles will probably be sore for a considerable amount of time from the new work stimulus.

That is the kind of routine I started with. Your muscles are not used to moving heavy loads and your ligaments have to get used to it as well.

Be patient.

Eating enough to support growth is more important than you might realize.

Eat, Train, Sleep…repeat …grow!

The search engine on the home page will help a great deal. Start reading the back issues…start with 1 and work towards current.


do the program and get a feel for how each body part/muscle group is worked. once you get a feel for the lifts, you can tweak the program to your liking or proceed to another of the dozens posted in t-mag.

good luck

if memory serves correctly the artcicle also has a program for 3 full body workouts per week.