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Is this Routine Decent?


Its a 5/6 week program and it goes a little somethin like this:

Day1: Chest/Bi
2: Legs
3: Off
7: Repeat

Incline DB
Hammer Strength bench
Thick bar curls
Hammer Curls

Leg Curls
Leg Press

Deadlifts- Done with lower reps. I.E. reps for week 3= 6,6,4,4,2
Closegrip pulldowns w/ pullups post-exhaust
BB Rows
DB Rows
Close Grip Decline Bench Press

Military Press
Arnold Press
Laterals (reps kept +12 throughout the program)
Standing Calf raise
Donkey raise

The periodization is going to go
Week 1: 3x8
2: 4x8
3: 5x8
4: 6x6 (Dropping HSB off chest, lunges off legs and BBrows & skulls off back day.)
5: 6x4
6: off if Im feeling worn down if not will go for 8x3 on the big lifts.

Program for Week 6:
Incline DB
Hammer strength isometric bicep curls

Leg Curls

Close grip bench

Mili Press
Standing calf

What do ya think?


I would throw in power cleans before squats on leg day and some straight leg deadlifts instead of or in addition to leg curls.

other then that looks solid to me bro


I would take day 7 off as well just to make sure your getting plenty of rest so not to overtrain.


Is your primary goal strength, or size?

The reason I ask, is that the periodization seems to be set up for strength. It goes from high volume to low volume.

If your goal is primarily hypertrophy, then you could probably just reverse it, or something like:

Week 1: 3x5
Week 2: 4x5
Week 3: 4x7
Week 4: 5x7
Week 5: 5x8
Week 6: 6x8

or whatever.

I think this method would work better, because your strength will be much higher after the first couple of weeks and you be able to lift more weight during the volume workouts. The reverse will allow for a greater peak in max strength, but less weight lifted during the volume phase. You could also start with the periodization you layed out, and do if forward, take a week off, and then reverse it, if you have time for that.


My first goal is size, with a little bit of strength to go along. This is really the first routine I've written for myself with any type of periodization. I usually have great gains when transferring from a high volume to a high intensity, like dropping from +25 sets per muscle group to maybe 6-10 sets with post failure work. I'm throwing out the post negative work in hopes for some big gains on my dead and squat. So its really an expirement on my part. I'll keep in mind the reverse after I finish this run that is a very good suggestion.


sounds good, but I dont know about negatives for DL.... sounds like a back injury in the making