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Is this Real?


Some of the comments say those are fake plates. It looks real to me but I don't know. It's supposedly 600 pounds.


There are already threads relating to this guy and this vid. Do a quick search and you should find them.


This was discussed in the "Squat Douchebag" thread I believe. The fact that he nearly had a heart attack flipping a tire but owned a 600 lb bench press is completely ridiculous. I also call his parenting skills into question as he gives off the vibe that he's sexually molested those children.

Just my humble opinion though...


Humility suits you lol


Hate to see the rage though


world record bench press by a guy quite a bit bigger is 715 lbs I believe

and this guy sits down with a loose ass set up and hits 4 easy reps with 600, with fucking shaving cream on his face and a 12 year old spotter?

i don't think so.


The vid is not meant to be taken seriously.

Andy H. was trying to get into American Gladiators I believe? That's why he made it...

He did seem to get a kick out of the reactions to it though.


The dude looked like a total jackass.


I remember that he actually posted in one of the threads like this. It will bring the lulz train if he does it again.


That would be awesome seeing as I very slanderous towards him in my post. Unless he can provide proof refuting my claims, I'll stand by them.


LOL.... "when most guys bench 600 pounds they scream. when we bench 600 pounds we use whipped cream"

this video is so weird.


He is Scott Hermans dad.




what the fuck is this.....


LOL... well put


A failed attempt at humor. In an earlier post someone said they got the vibe he was molesting his kids, that's were it came from. I never seem able to transfer my sense of humor to writing very well. Gotta love your direct approach.


i meant more along the lines of benching with wipped cream on your face


Well do you not enjoy thick cream all over your face too? Enough to eat it off your face while you bench?


well getting big is my job, cream on my face is pleasure.....never mix the two