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Is This Real Hip Hop?



DAMN RIGHT it is, I've been playin this cd all day. It's good to hear The Roots again.


...or not.

Roots are solid though.


You mean those guys that do the 'Ba dum tsh!' for Jimmy Fallon?


Give it here

and dont say nothin'


waits for LarryDavid to Mention Lil Wayne and be countered by WhiteFlash...who is Black now


Give it here??

In the Music and Don't Say Nuthin are sick songs. Take It There and Stay Cool too.



The Roots new album came out last week, along with Ems. I like it so far but Im gonna give it a few more listens before I know how much I like it.

Musically I never liked How I got Over, as I thought the beats were to low key, but most of the Rootsalbums are good listens the whole way through (disclaimer: I dont have their first record).


Heard this album was fire ... still like Do You want More?!? the best tho ...


Black Thought is a great lyricist. If he went solo, he probably wouldn't sell as much, the consumers being retards. The band is solid though, and they're great live performers.


There's a song w/ Black Thought, Ghostface, and Trife da God called on an X-ecutioners album called "The PJ's" that's fuckin amazing. Black Thought tears it up at the end, Ghost and Trife go back and forth at the beginning mixed with a tight ass beat ... fuck I love that song


Yea this isn't my favorite album by them but this is in my top 3. Black Thought is doing what he does best. You can tell he's starting to mellow out and I like it.

Top Tracks (In random order)

The Day (Perfect wake up song)
Right On (If you know about Joanna Newsome, you're gonna love this track)
Doin' It Again
The Fire
A Piece of Light
Walk Alone
Now or Never (Good warm up song)
How I Got Over (Real talk if you grew up in the hood)
Radio Daze

DL it then go ahead and buy it. Support GOOD music.


"In the music" is a good roadwork/warmup song too. Also off their CD "Game Theory"


Illadelph Halflife...brings back memories.