Is This Quote Totally Bogus?

I got this from another body builder website. Is it complete bogus? I am still confused as to what sort of protein: soy, whey, casine, etc I should be taking in my daily protein mix. Thanks,

“The quality of a protein is determined by how well your body can use it, a factor termed “biological value”, or BV for short. Basically, it refers to how well and how fast your body actually gets and uses the protein. So a whey protein like whey isolate (BV 159) is the most readily absorbed, while a milk protein like casein (BV 77) is absorbed less readily and is said to be of less quality. Now, sometimes it’s good to eat lower BV rated proteins because you want to absorb it slowly, like before you go to bed. But generally, you want protein with a higher BV rating.”

They both have their purposes. Sometimes you want a faster absorbing protein like whey isolate for instance post workout. Sometimes you want a slower absorbing protein for instance before bedtime to counteract being catabolic during your sleep fast.

A blend of both as in Low-Carb Grow! is the best cuz you’re covering all bases. There is plenty of info on this site about it, do a search.

It’s not total BS.

A bit of it is shit

BV is the amount of nitrogen that is retained for a given amount of protein nitrogen given, and corrected for urinary nitrogen loss.

ie, the percentage of protein digested and absorbed

BV= (foodN-(fecalN-endogenousN) - (urinary N-endogenousN)x100) / (FoodN-(fecalN-MetabolicN))

think about the figures you gave for BV and think how its assigned

The FAO/WHO site would give a better explanation of it all, and PD, AAS, PER and PDCAAS