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Is This Protein Lying?


Hello everyone, I've been an avid reader of T-Nation for a while now, and here's my first post:

I've been thinking about trying the anabolic diet for some time now, and I have a question about my protein that I have. Here's the nutritional info - www.mtxzone.com/antbuspre.asp?Cod=1332&nombre=1332 , it's in spanish but I believe you can understand everything, if you don't let me know.

My question is this, it says that it only has 0.42 grams of carbs for every 100 grams of powder, is this possible?

I have the chocolate flavor, and every serving I drink tastes really good and sweet too. I only have 1 scoop, which makes something like 0.1 grams of carbs. That's lower than any other protein I've had and this one's the same price or cheaper than those.

I just don't see how it's possible to taste that good without any carbs, are they lying to me or are there other ways to make it taste good that I don't know about?


I'm so paranoid about stuff like this. I wonder the same thing about optimum nutrition (on!) protein powder. It's relatively cheap, tastes good, and has great protein/BCAA content.


some excerpts:

It sounds to me like labels are generally accurate, but if they're not the FDA doesn't actually do anything to punish the companies involved. They're "worked with" to fix the problem, which probably means they're willing to fake numbers to increase sales because they're not risking punitive fines. So I guess this post doesn't help at all, be paranoid.


Artificial sweeteners.


I'm with Brant on this. I use Dymatize ISO-100 low-carb, which has at most 1g carb per scoop, zero fat, etc. They load that stuff with artificial sweeteners though, which is probably why it tastes better than it should.


Hey Schwarzenegger, your in europe, what do think of the nutritional label accuracy of supplements manufactured in europe compared to american products?



Remember this article? In it TC, your hero and mine, said:

There you have it, you guys are probably supplementing with sugary plastic. I wouldn't be so trusting of random brand X protein, or any other supplement for that matter. I just hope optimum nutrition is halfway decent since they're a big company. I don't think that big companies are necessarily more ethical, but hopefully they stand a better chance of drawing the scrutiny of the FDA if they're not truthful.


I don't have data to support my conclusions, but there's really no difference between large agencies like the FDA and other countries' equivalents, which in Germany is the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection. While food purity and safety regulations are largely similar, they do label food differently. Of course most products are labeled multilingual due to tourism and exportation.

They typically list nutrition data based on manufacturer-decided serving sizes, but they are required to list 100g serving size data too, so there is a standard by which to compare nutrition data of products. They also list energy in joules (and also sometimes in calories), and they don't round. You will regularly see products with 78 calories, not 80 as you'd see in US products. The grams of macronutrients are also listed, rounded to .1g. So you may see 2.3g of fat listed on the label. I'd imagine this makes everything a bit more accurate, and much easier to compare with 100g standard labeling. I'll try to find a picture.