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Is This Protein Good?


I just picked up a bag of Wellements Pro-Protein at Costco.

It contains whey concentrate, isolates, hydrolyzed whey and egg whites. A 6-pound bag is about $20 for 78 servings, with 27 grams of protein per serving. This comes out to less than 30 cents per serving.

I got the chocolate flavor and it tastes pretty decent when mixed in water. My only concern is that what I've been reading recommends a 2:1 ration of carbs over protein, and this product is only 4 carbs per serving.

I'm a newbie at this so you guys tell me if this product is a good deal. Is there a good source of carbs I can add to it?


The most simple way to tell if protein is reasonable quality is "does it give me gas?" If not, it's probably digesting pretty well. Also, make sure that other confounding factors like drinking 200g at a time or slamming it in one gulp aren't effecting this :slight_smile:

Easiest carbs to add would be fruit, either blended in or just eaten in addition.



Just to be sure, the recommended 2:1 ratio is for Post-Workout shakes, not in-general.

That sounds like a fine protien powder, I'd would use that whenever you need to bump-up your protien intake. I like protien shakes during breakfast, and before bed on workout days.


It's easy to tell if the protein or any nutritional supplement is good by simply reading the nutritional label - IF YOU CAN TRUST IT. I mean really, they can claim whatever they want on the label which does not reflect the contents, then sell it for cheap and one would think they're getting a deal. There isn't any goverment body that enforce the content quality. I would stick with trustworthy brands as much as possible such as, of course, Biotest.


I like to use gatorade powder to get my 2:1 ratio PW. Makes it pretty darn tasty...