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Is This Professor X?



Wtf? I have never seen such a thing before. It's like a little plank dance.


Pshh,you don't know about those? I do them after every chest workout!


ah balls i meant this on another thread, now hes going to come eat me!yeah that guy on youtube is class.


You would do a little plank dance after your chest workout...


i just realised this could be interpreted as a NON-joke post.oh dear




Did that remind anybody else of the seal show at SeaWorld ?


It's nice to see that X has finally joined the functional bandwagon.


Hopefully he'll lose all of that unfunctional muscle and be able to fit into some Abercrombie outfits.


No; this is Professor X:



He's definitely jumped in head first with the LaBuff plan. He'll be ripped and functional in no time.


Dude stole my stolen name.


X, you do some weird shit at the gym huh?


Fight him for it?


LOL. Only if someone filmed it and we agreed not to kill each other. Looking at some of his vids, I actually question whether he is actually 325lbs. He's big, but not that damn big. Maybe he is very tall. We look about the same size to me.

What is he doing all of that shit for...to make people notice him on youtube?

I guess I had better add some Hammer Strength functional training vids.

It looks like part of someone's dance routine from You Got Served.


Wait. You mean crawling backwards up a staircase isn't functional?

Man, if I had a nickel for everytime I had to put my feet on a handrail, and crawl up a staircase....

I'd have less than 5 cents...


He isnt't 325 lbs for shit.


On an unrelated note, King Crimson is fucking awesome.


He's 6'-1" and 180lbs. ( http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Xavier-Foupa-Pokam-8761 )

Don't worry...he's french.