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Is this product any good?


Anyone used Trenbolone Acetate by British Dragon? Comes in a 10 ml bottle containing 750mg of tren, for $139 dollars & shipping. Does this sound good to you guys?


price seems good and recent reports on it seem to be positive. You will be the first person I have seen use it though. I though about it myself, but I have another 4 months till next cycle, so I may go homebrew.

you would have to buy 6 bottles for a 8 week cycle if you do ED injections. that would be a cost of somewhere around $840 for the tren alone. and your only getting 75mgs/ed at that. that is fucking absurd. dont waste your money bro. you can buy an entire stack for that. honestly i am getting UG tren that is dosed at 100mgs/ml for about $400 for 60cc’s. you can make your own for about $200

Thanks for the feedback.

Thought it sounded pretty expensive but wasn’t sure. Will search elsewhere…

OHHH MY GOD DUDE!!! Just stick to trenfactor or proline.