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Is This Primary or Secondary Hypogonadism?

My lh has always been within range. Currently, my lh is at 4.5 and my fsh is at 3.4. I have taken clomid (25 mg) EOD for 1 month. My TT went from 320 to 714 ng/dl (300-1000 ng/dl) and my free t from 58.1 pg/mL to 171 pg/mL (35-155 pg/mL). I spoke to a doctor at defy that says based on my labs that I have primary hypo. On the otherhand, my endo says that my labs indicate secondary. Before clomid, my lh was 4.8 and my fsh was 3.4. So, which is it?

Your pituitary is sending the signal, but your balls arent cooperating.


Where was your natural Total T and Free T levels when LH was 4.8?

So you took clomid which replaces your pituitary glands LH and FSH and your ball kicked out a ton T. I’d say your balls are working fine. Your pituitary gland is not producing enough hormones.