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Is This Post-Workout Drink Ok?


It is called Protein Blast, it's a chocolate drink in a can.

Here are the specs for 1 can;

0.5 grams fat
48 grams carbs
30 grams protein

I know this is alot of carbs but is it an acceptable amount for just after a workout?


I ran a search and found the ingredients and micellar casein is the first protein listed. This being an extremely slow digesting protein, it's not well suited for the post-workout time period.

It'd be better to use, at the very least plain ole whey, and at the very best Surge (which I highly recommend).

Also, don't worry about the carbs post-workout. ~ 50 grams is pretty well tolerated (regardless of your goal).

Hope this helps a bit!


A lot of carbs? If you are dieting, maybe. Otherwise, I don't see why you would see it that way.


Canned protein drinks are by nature poor quality. The protein has to be cooked in order to be sold in liquid form. Not good.
Plus pre-canned is usually expensive compared to powder because the water adds shipping weight and increases manufacturers cost. Stick to Surge.


So if I want to get in carbs and protein right after my workout I should have a protein shake your saying? ... but what about the carbs? Are they not important to have post-workout?

50 grams of Carbs is alot for me as I only take in 120/day.


Carbs are pretty important post-workout, for things like glycogen replenishment, insulin release, and providing more of a stimulus for protein synthesis (when consumed with protein). For more detailed info, on this, and much more, check out the articles in the Article Library by Dr. John Berardi and David Barr.

Surge has the perfect ratio of carbs to protein. It also has the fast digesting carbs and protein, which is what you want at this time (as opposed to the casein in the canned drink).

Also, sure, 50 grams is nearly half your daily intake, but the hours post workout are when you best tolerate/should be consuming them. So, in reality, it's okay to have a 50 gram serving around your workout, and continue your normal eating after that (preferably protein + carb meals, with the rest of your daily allotment of carbs evenly spread out).

That's a pretty simplified version of what and why, so if there's anything I've left out, please ask!


Just buy some Surge.


Like was stated check out Dave's recent article. Also these will help.

Solving the Post w/o Puzzel I&II

In short listen to what that freak above Dave2 on the canned crap.

Also yes carbs are needed Read the articles.

Also Surge is great. As for the drink you are having it might be ok you really have not told us much. Besides the fact it is canned and most likely denatured from processing. What type of protein is in it. Cheap concentrates and soy?? What type of carbs??? How much are you paying???

Hope that helps,




Sorry I don't know about the different kinds of protein/carbs, not yet at least.

I get it at my gym but was thinking of buying a case of it so I was wondering if it was actually that good for me to be having post-workout.

I dont' really want to buy supplements online or anything (Surge). I have a friend who has a supplement store and would rather buy from him to support him and it would be cheaper and money is tight right now!

Thanks for the advice given....


Choose based on where you can buy it vs. what's best to put in your body. You want the best PWO drink? Buy Surge. You want to buy something from your friend? Why are you asking us?


unless you are cutting your PWO shake is lacking IMO. for example, mine is 1200+ cals, 60-70 grams protein, 170-180 grams carbs and 20-25 grams fat. my goals are probably different than yours, but you should have at least twice the amount of carbs compared to protein.