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Is This Plan Safe and Effective?


Hi guys,

3 quick questions:

1)is 250mg of test cypionate/week safe and effective?

2)are side effects such as redness, swelling, tenderness and pain thoughout the entire arm expected? Is this a concern?

3)should there be anything else on top of the test and how long should a cycle be?



1) safe maybe, not effective. You are rather just replacing your endogenous test with a similar amount of exo test.

2)Throughout the entire arm? that sounds like an infection. Did you shoot in the delt and then get this? Go to a doc if you think it's an infection, before it goes systemic.

3) your first cycle? no nothing else. 10-12 weeks.


I really hope those are research questions rather than Oops-I-already-started-a-cycle- without-knowing-a-thing-about-it questions.


Sounds like you hit the nail on the head Contrl


i wouldn't be concerned with you arm. you do have another one right?