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Is This Physique Real?


Is this physique real? This guy has to be one of the biggest guys out there, it's insane!
But then again, it could be just another digitally enhanced photo.

What do you think, is this guy's physique real? Or is it a digitally enhanced photo?


Pretty sure that's an off-season pic of Will Harris. If his other off-season photos are anything to judge by, it's legit.


He is, indeed, gigantic, but there are also a number of pictures of him circulating the internet that have been photoshopped. The shadows cutting on his right pec look too sharp to me (as in, unreal).


Why would anyone want to be this big?


Why not?


because then he wouldn't look like brad pitt from fight club, duh.


It's just the picture/angle/pose/maybe photoshop, he looks pretty much the same as other bodybuilders his size in other shots. Never seen him in person though so who knows.



And yes, it is quite real.


The arms look a little fake. . . . but if its an off-season bodybuilder- totally possible.


because of what it takes to get there...


We talkin' about Will Harris here. Dude is not that tall (i.e he's kinda short). Factor that in, and the lighting and angle like C_C mentioned and yeah it should be plausible.


I'm not even going to attempt to defend myself as I know in past history in how this place runs. I will just get mocked then someone will come in and say "This is a bodybuilder website! kicks Fuzzy down giant black pit".

All I will say is yes it's probably just the way the picture is taken and perhaps a minor photoshop. He looks like any other bodybuilder in his off season.




big will is awesome but that is a shopped pic 100%.

edit* that isn't will harris- correct. not sure who he is, however those arms look silly full considering the taper and lean midsection, so my guess is shopped still.


Here is Will harris....could be same dude...earring and forearm tats are a give away.
But as you can see he ain't that fuckin big, not even in off season.

edit after some google checking it turns out this is one of two or three very well known photo shopped pics of Will, in fact I think he admits it somewhere.


shopped. he's a big dude tho.


hell i met will when he was just a bodyguard for kid vegas, and terd ferguson



I believe, BIG WILL is Will Harris
this is from 2002 when I worked for Club Jenna, video at AVN expo


Meni you sure have an interesting history man. I remember you made that thread about your stripper service. So how long been involved in or around the "biz"?