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Is This Physique Possible Natty?


or just a pipe dream?


depends on your genetics..... so Maybe?


Definitely. He isn't overly big, just very lean.

Get big, cut, undo your pants and you'll be there.


dude...he's fkin jacked


Without a doubt and let's not be naive, I would bet a million dollars, if I had it haha, that he was using PEDs.


Oh I wasn't saying he isn't, he undoubtedly is.

You asked if it was possible. I said maybe.


is there even a point to natty bodybuilding?


He might be jacked, but he has taken his pants off and taken a photo of himself in a gym. I hate people that do that. He knows he looks good, so I can imagine he has a head the size of a blimp to match.

Jerk. jealous


he's one of the top physique competitors and fitness models in the world but he doesn't seem arrogant. he makes a living off his physique.


Depends on your goals, and if you have moral obligations about upholding the law.


No, you will forever fail.


Lol, I love how this forum is becoming misc.


Try and see.


But...where do I get those cool shades at brah? haha


You really like this guy.

Im sure you know it. We all do. Eat well, train hard and rest easy and it might happen. Everyones gotta dream!


Not just this guy.

These threads are about to get moved to Get a Life.



Not that I have a problem, just an observation, do you have an obsession with phsiques on simplyshredded :wink:

Zyzz, ullises jr now steve cook ... Whos next? lol


Looks similiar to one of my mates who has never used peds. Just works hard, has great genetics & is quite short.

I doubt most nattys can get that big & lean. But the limiting factor is time and dedication. Just do the absolute best you can with what you've got.


Is This Physique Possible Natty??


Just like good old Coleman