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Is This Physique Achievable Naturally?


Just wondering if I can achieve a physique like this all natty and how long would it take I’m 6 foot 185 lbs


Hell yeah!


That guy is basically just one big walking ampule with a beard. No one gets man titty gains like that without a little help.


People have much better physiques than that without ever touching a weight.

Is this really how bad it’s got that people would even consider this unachievable without steroids?

What’s your reason for asking? Do you believe it’s unachievable?


…yes, you can look like a bag of ass without steroids. Dude is sucking in his gut like crazy.


I’m glad y’all chimed in here. I was having a wft moment!


That guy is no impressive at all honestly.

I know some teens who look way better than that.

I have friends who were bigger and leaner than that at 17-18yo…

And if you have to take steroids to look like that… then your diet and training must be shit.

  • Unless you are on estrogen only cycle… to gain those titties… XD


Hey guys, can I look like shit without steroids?

Yes. Yes, you can.

Troll thread for sure.


Probably pic of OP whom is looking for a compliment


Quoted for emphasis


0/10 would not bang


I feel like zero is a little nice. How about a negative -100/10 :joy:


Yeah I also suspected this, but I was hoping it was just a straight up troll


is this a prank ?


I feel like this guy really wasn’t ready for the internet.


Hell yes it has!


That’s my goal physique. One day I’ll get there.

When I stop working out, maybe.


Yes, you can gain fat and lose muscle without steroids.

I’d say about a year, apparently.

Yep. It takes a year.



I’m about to start an estrogen cycle to attain this glorious physique.

I shall never again suffer for women’s attention once I grow my own pair of breasts, like the gentleman on the pic.


If we all said no I wonder if the OP would have tried to sell us an ARX machine.