Is This Peanut Butter Healthy?

So the peanut butter I use isn’t 100 percent peanuts. It has 91 percent peanuts and the rest is vitamins and minerals. There’s little bit of sugar in it too (7.04 grams per 100 grams). It doesn’t have hydrogenated oil in it though. The label says, it has 311.94 mg of calcium carbonate, and 12.54 mg of iron per hundred grams. It also has vitamin A and vitamin d2. So can I consider it healthy despite it not being 100 percent peanuts? This is confusing. Natural PBs are not available in any stores nearby and this was the healthiest looking label. Others were full of sugar (3x more) and hydrogenated oils. Should I have it?

Why is this confusing?

It is iron-enriched, hence it’s not suitable for people a low-iron diet.

Yeah, right. I don’t know what was I thinking . Anyways, does it sound healthy overall?

Its fine, man. Lots of common foodstuffs get fortified with vitamins and minerals that have been found to be endemically lacking.

In the US its stuff like flour, salt, milk etc. Those particular vitamins and minerals are important to prevent developmental problems.

Iodide is added to salt…
Vitamnin D is added to milk…
Plenty of natural juices here with extra vitamins added in them…
There’s even instant ramen with vitamins added to make it at least somewhat healthy…

Vitamins and minerals being added to foods and drinks is normal thing, and it’s actually good for you. Plenty of population would have health issues if that was not the case, like with Iodine in salt…

Helps prevent Alzheimer’s as long as you remember to include peanut butter in your diet now!
It’s got the good fat.

I’m allergic to iodine so I have to be careful. I can get in my multi, but more than that fuck no…Fritos oh the humanity, wait, shellfish…I took a Benadryl and ended up in hospital…hmmmm

My point is most multi have 100% needed iodine sorry if bitchy but that Benadryl was like arsenic for me

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Yeah, allergies can mess you up. Too bad that you are allergic at something that your body needs.

dw you are fine :slight_smile:

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