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Is this PCT Plan Good??


Just finished a 12 week cycle of prop and cyp. this is my pct

20mg tab of nolva & 50 mg tab of clomid right in the mornng for 4 weeks

ps: my 50mg tab of clomid i much smaller than the 20mg tab of nolva? does this make any sense??? both are white pills with indents in them


most of the cycles ive read do Nolva 40/40/20/20 which should be fine for a test only cycle. So thats 40mg a day for first 2 weeks, then followed by 20mg a day for last 2 weeks...yes that is what they look like and the sizing sounds right.


so your saying cut the clomid out, i also have horrible eyesight and where glasses, clomid freaks me out cause ive read it can cause loss of eyesight??


Im no vet bro so I cant break it down to the nuts and bolts of shit but on a test only cycle theres really no need unless maybe you where running some high doses. It seems like the general consensus on the majority of PCT protocal's is as I stated. But if im wrong im sure someone will chime in here and tell me.


yah i was really hoping for some good advice becuase i dont like the feeling of pct feel drowzy and blue all the time and only my second day lol