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Is This PCT Overkill?


Im currently running a test e and eq cycle, I will be ending in a couple of weeks and I will be dropping the eq first and running the test at least a week longer because of the long ester in the eq. As far as pct goes I will begin nolva and clomid two weeks after my last test shot,I was thinking of running 40mg nolva and 100mg clomid for the first week, 30mg of nolva and 50mg of clomid the second, then finishing up with 20mg of nolva and 50mg of clomid again for the third week. Only thing I am wondering is if I should lower the dosages a bit. Any advice is appreciated thanks


Its rather tough to give you any advice not knowing your dosing protocol.


I can tell you right now, unless your cycle was only 3 weeks long, a PCT that's also only 3 weeks long is a joke.


I think i am going to extend the pct for 5 weeks and drop the clomid altogether, i might just use nolva at 50mg for two weeks, then 25mg for the last three weeks


I would taper the nolva more then that. Drop it to 10 or 15mg for the last 4 or 5 days.

Or better yet, run it 50, 40, 30, 20 ,10 for your 5 weeks.

As mentioned, it would be helpful to know how much eq and test you're using and how long the cycle is.


currently taking 400mg of test and 375 of eq a week, running them for 12 weeks