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Is this PCT Enough for 15 Week Cycle?

So I recently got done with my first cycle was planning on 500mg test E 10 weeks, but ended up extending it to 14 weeks…

I’ve done 1 week 40mg nolvdex 2 weeks after my last injection and now couple days into second week @ 20mg a day… and plan on keeping that up for another 4 weeks…

I’m slightly concerned though, because I have absolutely no libido at all right now, even watching porn I dont get a boner lol…

Hmmm… ya longer then 6 - 8 is hard man… I would have done HCG throughout… :S

I though HCG etc were for people that were on long term I thought couple more weeks on top of whats recommended for 1st cycle wouldnt make much of a difference for whats needed PCT… hmm atleast i know for next time i guess.

So what now? it could be several more weeks before I’m back to normal?


Yes it could be several more weeks. Why did you bother extending your cycle longer? As after the 10-12 week mark most people tend to make minimal gains at that point in time.

For longer cycles a stasis/taper tends to be much more effective in keeping at least some libido during your pct.

torefemine is better for sex drive and testical atrophy than nolva.

On a longer cycle like yours its going to take a few weeks for the nolva to normalize you.

My first cycle was 7 weeks, nolva PCT, and I had little sex drive till about the end of the second week.

I could get it up, but it was difficult.

I’ll mark this off as another reason I’d rather do shorter esters for shorter periods of time.