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Is This Pain Normal After ATG Squats?


I do ATG squats but after, I dont feel much in hammies, and minor soreness in quads, but the muscles near the crotch kill for days to come....
normal or not??

or is my technique totally off for those parts to be main sore areas?


Same here, my groin is sore as all get out after doing ATG. If I do parallels then it's my quads.


how wide is your stance ?


a tad wider than shoulder, certainly not "wide"...


The more you point your toes out the more you will activate the groin muscles


The muscle that you are feeling is the adductor magnus. It's the third most powerful hip extensor. It gets activated when you do below parallel squats and also walking lunges. It's biggest functional role is for sprinting. Hope that helps.


aight so its not a bad thing then....i hope... just making sure not the wrong muscles are feeling the soreness