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Is This Overtraining?


I know a lot of people think that it is impossible to really over train, but then again there are a lot of people you believe in it.

I do H.I.R.T. 3 days a week a and H.I.I.T. 2 days week. I do them all in the early morning before work (6 am) and then at 1 pm, on my lunch break) I do light cardio and get a good stretch in.

Is that overdoing it?

My goals are to maintain the muscle I do have and lose fat.

P.S. My diet is in check... I was not eating as much as I am supposed to be, but that ahas been rectified.


how do you feel? in terms of fatigue, appetite, sleep quality.

are you able to give 100% effort during your sessions?

is your work capacity going up (reps and/or weights up, rest periods down)?

are you progressing towards your goals?


I do feel tired, but that is because my carbs are below 100 grams for the day (I think). I am doubling that sure. My sleep is weird...I go to sleep when I want to and I can sleep through the whole night (if my daughter does not wake me up trying to get in my bed, but I never, EVER, wake up feeling refreshed. I do have sleep Apnea, and do not use a machine (used to), but even with the machine I never woke up refreshed. I get about 6-7 hours of sleep a night. I am also hungry, but I am not bringing in enough protein and calories...that has been adjusted as of now.

I do give 100%

A lot of the H.I.R.T. is resistance training or 20% of my 1MR, and I usually can do more than 20% just fine.

I have just started the HIRT and HIIT together, and it kicks my ass for sure, but I did not know if I should lay off the 2nd light cardio session (20 minutes on the elliptical, on the lowest setting, and a low-medium intensity).


no, you're not over training.. you're just under conditioned.


I've heard that before....

Seriously you'll live.


20% of your 1RM??? are those weights in the aerobics room??

jesus even in a super intense weighted complex you should be able to do about 8 reps of your 10RM or 12RM.


you are not overtraining

the more likely things to happen to you are overuse injuries or under-recovery.

If you train 3x week and sleep 3 hours a day and drink alcohol, eat chocolate and smoke all day long is that overtraining since you aren't making progress?

if you do 2000 squats over the course of a day at 50% of your 1RM and then your knee dies is that overtraining?


The is somewhat circuit training. 3 groups of 4 stations and each station is done for 10 minutes straight without rest cycling through the 4 workouts non stop. 3 minute break and then move to the next station.


That sounds retarded. Why dont you just go lift heavy stuff?


^was waiting for someone else to say this.

do some heavy stuff with little rest... that'll get your heart rate up