Is This Our Future?

[quote]triple-10sets wrote:
It doesnt do any good to fear the future. You got to make the future. You think the founder of the crips sat on his ass all day and the violent street gang just popped up ? No he had to hit the streets 24/7 to make a difference in his community. It was a bad difference, but a difference none the less. I will give you a simple cliche’. Fight fire with fire. Fools !!![/quote]

I sincerely appreciate the way your posts never make any sense whatsoever. I’m probably stupider for reading them, but I appreciate them nonetheless.

What I like best about Triple-Ten-Sets is the fact that he is a member of a bodybuilding website sponsored by a company selling nutritional and performance supplements, and his avatar features himself posing next to what appears to be a bag of Cheetos.

Thats not a bag of cheetos thats labrada super charge energy packs. Pre-workout supplement I used to think I needed. And if my post doesnt make any sense you have to think a little harder. This violence of cop killing can only be won by aggressive police, and responsible citizens that dont cower away when they see somebody about to do something extremely violent.

Think about it none of this violence happened nearly as much in the 1930’s. It seems like now-a-days people dont care about there fellow american, be it the cops or civilians. And if you want something drastic to happen, like to cease this string of violence, then you have to resort to drastic measures. Complaining and worrying about it while your hiding in your vehicle wont get things done.

Awesome post Lixxy.

Cop killer is a very old song from Ice T, so to treat it as modern and a sad prediction of the future is extremely pessimistic at best. I mean really this song was released in what, 1991?

I just think it’s funny that Ice-T had a role as a tough ass cop on “Law and Order SVU”. See the future can change.