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Is this Optimal for 1A?


Here is an example workout. 1 of a 6 days per week, Push/Pull/Leg split. With a stamp of approval I’d likely split it into main work AM, accessories PM

What do you think?


Push Press: Ramp 1RM

Bench: 3/5 Ratchet

Dips: 7/5/3 Waves

DB OHP: 4x8-10

DB Bench: 4x8-10

Tricep Pushdown: 3x6+4 RP


My guess is CT will say too much volume


I could see that. Definitely not married to the 4x8-10 sets


I’m doing a type 1a block atm and I did a TOTAL of 15 reps for bench, 21 reps for press and then 3 short bear hug carries 20 meters each


Why withdraw? Was a valid suggestion


Read your post. Saw CT suggest if more than 3 work sets then 3 big lifts plus one assistant. I wonder if an accessory thrown in would be too much?
An edit based on that suggestion could look something like:


Push Press: Periodization model (basically 5/3/1 programming except using ramps)

Bench: 3/5 Ratchet

Dips: 7/5/3 Waves

Tricep Pushdown: 3x6+4 RP


I’m not a 1A, but 2A. I build strength better by staying in the 75-85% range and only use max loads on anything for maybe 2 weeks out of 12-16 weeks so It feels wrong telling a 1A how to train, but I remember CT taliking about being able to ramp up on a sequence of presses to save on total workload, ex using overhead press then moving straight to inclines and flat bench in one single ramp. I think you can avoid multiple long ramp ups that way.

Is it a tricep dip or a chest dip?




That’s valid. Though at least in my head I was thinking of the ramp as the main lift and the ratchet/wave sets as a way to get in some volume without going crazy