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Is This OK to Run?

3/5/1 rep scheme - 5’s pro
Week 1 bbb 5 sets 3 reps @ 90%
Week 2 bbb 5x5 @ 80%
Week 3 bbb same as week 1
BBB alternate lifts

Seems fine, I’ve been considering a similar thing. I’d probably just use a fairly low TM and not go crazy with assistance.

Adice please. Ive recently came across the 20 week programme and im just wondering if its too advanced for me. Current 1RM’s 140kg Squat, 160kg deadlift, 57.5kg Press, and 90kg Bench. The programme looks great and for myself its appealling getting to the gym 3days over 4 with having job/family/ etc. The 3 days conditioning wont be a problem although i dont have a vest but im sure i can find a chain or something weighted to walk the dog with. Is yhis programme aimed at advanced lifters or just anyone whos willing to put the work in?