Is This NPP Sides?

so I decided to run a mini cycle on NPP+Tprop(on TRT 200mg/bumped my T to 280mg/week)
NPP: 30mg/ED, Tpropionate: 40mg/ED
for a week or so I felt good, strength/recovery at gym decent.
but by end of week 2, my mood tanked, became slightly depressive.
i still have amazing erections, but i had 1 night where i just could not orgasm. went on for like 30min, wife was happy, but eventually i gave up. despite a hard one and it still felt good. just no way i could achieve orgasm. my last NPP injection was saturday, so I am hoping this will clear up.
is this due NPP? i think i’m about to give up on this compound

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Yes. 19-nor compounds such as Nandrolone and Tren will mess with your head/mood. They can also cause ED, loss of sensation, inability to orgasm etc. The good news is you used the fast acting version which will also clear faster than if you went with Nandrolone D. Expect resolution a couple weeks following cessation.


For me, yes. I’ve not used NPP but I’ve used Deca and had a similar response. I stay away from it these days

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finally yesterday I was able to come…took 4 days or so. sensations still not there where they need to be, but at least I finished huh…thankfully the 1/2 life is not as extreme of this


Seems common with nand yee even tho i dont get it

I hate this shit…i have to say gym strength/recovery is significant at 200mg/week
but I felt totally like an eunuch or ‘man-lady’. i might stick to DHT derived aas


Tranny cravings huh?

Hang in there. It will get better with time.

not so much cravings, but a complete lack of sex-drive. i can only assume how trannies feel, but honestly i just want to leave it there and have no interest investigating this further lol

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Up the test to 700mg

300mg is my limit. above it I get edgy/anxious. whats interesting is that adding 200mg NPP on top of this, did not give me any anxiety. but the side effects…
wondering if there is another AAS which won’t revv me up too much without sexual sides. had no luck with anavar, maybe primobolan?

Currently on 300npp/wk and my sides are opposite. I find myself at work rock hard on a computer. (Could be from higher test). My gf is currently pregnant from my test only cycle in October so i know in that department it didnt give me any issues.

Currently went through a minor injury on my rear delt from benching (idk how this even happened) and on npp my shoulder joint healed faster than normal along with 18 chrio visits, but had to avoid incline pressing movements and low bar squat. As of 2months in i have no issues now with my delt unless i push my low bar squat and my shoulder cramps (hence switched to high bar).

Im honestly lucky (you decide) where i don’t necessarily believe depression or mental health but i know people go through it, (or i may not understand it to be fair) so being on 19-nors so far has been fine for me.

Going to switch from 300npp to 200trenA/wk today for the remainder of my cut and lets see how i feel.

NPP (or deca) does seem to be definitely milder/safer then tren. maybe the mental sides and sensitivity is e2 related, but i would need to run a lab test
it is a great compound as it seems to be mild on your body yet pretty effective for muscle building and joints etc
i think once you age(i’m 44) you do become more sensitive to everything

Not science based at all, but i have noticed that men who do not get along well with NPP tend to prefer Equipoise. Masteron and primo are also good choices. All depends on what you are trying to get out of the course

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30 minutes doesn’t seem too bad, but I know everyone’s sex life is different. I went to town for like 90 minutes last night and was struggling to nut.

Take B6 to lower prolactin. Apparently 250mg B6 wasn’t enough for me to get there easily.

Likely NPP side effect from raised prolactin. B6 or P5P can help with this.
Any 19-nor can mess with your head… you gotta have your shit together before running these, and even then it still sneaks up on you (it did for me about a week ago).

I should time those cycles when my wife has either her cycle or out of town
90min is insane is your lady streaming netflix or something
I got some P5P will try that. otherwise this is really a good fairly mild compund on your body I feel with no other major s/x.

Wow sounds painful. Repent from your nandrolone abusing ways. Are you using that for extra cardio or your main cardio? Keep that up and you will be sub 10% BF in no time.

If you delete your post just let me know and I will delete this.

I’m getting the impression that our sex lives look very different.

Some women like it rough.

Okay, most women like it rough, but most couldn’t handle it for 90 mins. I picked well.

She wasn’t my main cardio, but she is now… was getting more hours in weekly with her than the treadmill so I just spared the machines and used the wife. She likes it more that way.

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You’re one lucky man… enough said.

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