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Is This Normal?

this should fall under the category of stupid questions…

Hello i am new to this. in my picture, which was taken 1 and half years ago, i weighed in at 130. Everyone says that it should be around 160 by my size. i benched around 180. I am now weighting in at 145, and look much bigger, and rep 210 on bench. I use bench as an example just to let you guys see where i stood on the strong to not so strong. What do all of you experienced people think? is this normal? or should i weigh more? i dont get why people say i look like i weigh 180. i am very strong for my size i think. thanks for the opinions advices


I can tell you are definetly not 180. I say this because I have been training a few months, and am now 180. Your arm and chest size is what gives it away. Your arms are what, about 14 inches right now?

I have a feeling people just see you in person,and figure you might be heavier because the average person doesn’t lift.

Here is me at 179 to give you an idea

You have good bench strength though man! I can only get 225 up once, and definetly can only get 210 up 2-3 times;so keep up the good work