Is This Normal for Nipples?

Is it normal for your nipples to produce a small glisten of a clear whote liquid when squeezed hard?

I am 2 days passed my first Test 500mg and Deca 400mg injection.

First time trying Deca.

I have slightly sore nipples, so i decided to squeeze them and a small amount of liquid came out.

Should I start caber?

Just drink your own lactate like the real bodybuilders do

No, it’s not normal. Probably the Test and not the deca that’s the problem. Too much conversion of T to estrogen. Not ordinary for that relatively low a dosage, but you might just have bad luck (are a “gifted” aromatizer).

I have had bloods before and am quite a slow/low aromatiser of t to e2.

I always end up crasging my e2 with the lowest amount of ai.

Im just remembering now this happened back on my 1st ever blast. I got itchy hot nipples for about a week and it went away on its own.

Could it just be the fluctuation of hormones? Thanks

Im already benefiting from drinking my own semen…

No. No it is not

Biological male or FTM transition?