Is this "No AI" Thing Really for Everyone?

He’s a clown no doubt about it. Was hoping he seen this and replied. I don’t think I’m getting a second chance to be banned as he blocked me hahaha. For literally nothing but asking some very simple basic questions.


Prolactin is somehow extremely important for ejaculation. I have read several studies on SSRI induced delayed ejaculation that theorized higher dosages of some SSRI’s caused an increase in prolactin by altering the HPTA. Not necessarily to hyper levels, but enough to cause delayed orgasm or anorgasmia.

It is also apparently correlated with refractory period.

From my experience, a little bit of AI works better than no AI.

I’ve had T dosages from 100mg to 200mg a week. I’ve done everything from weekly injections down to daily injections. At any dosage I feel better than pre TRT, but anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of an exemestane per week makes me feel better overall (mood and libido mostly). No AI and things trend downward.



" Prolactin is somehow extremely important for ejaculation. "
This is untrue for my situation. I have Zero prolactin and and yet I have ejaculation.
I am the proof. My prolactin is at Zero. I was forced to Zero beginning in September. I take Cabergoline on Mondays & Thursdays religiously. I have two large tumors on my Pituitary. ( front and back) The tumor’s only feed on the hormone prolactin. In November my level for prolactin went all the way down to 1.0. Today its 0.0. I use TRT every 3.5. My Dr. thinks I do it every 4 days. That half a day makes a remarkable improvement in my energy and libido. I’m hopeful my tumors are shrinking without “food” they are starving. The tumor’s have stopped my Pituitary from releasing 7-8 needed hormones. Its really Fk-d badly. They even shut down my entire adrenal system. (No cortisol, extremely important for survival) In spite of all this, my erections are very good, I orgasm with out any problem. I fear the cabergoline, over time it eats away at your heart valves, which will cause blood leakage and hemorrhaging. My Cardio is monitoring me with ultrasound and CAT scanning.
P.S: I do take every Friday morning at 4am 12.5mg (a quarter pill) of Aramidex. This is more than plenty to keep my estradiol in range. If I go out of range, hit 40ish, no erections or libido! Everyone of us has a unique physiology.

Correlation is probably a better term. How the HPTA exactly functions in regards to ejaculation specifically is beyond the scope of my understanding.

That’s great man! Does the 0 prolactin decrease your refractory time?

Honestly, my orgasm’s are very intense, It takes just a bit more time. When I orgasm I will pop off around several times. Afterwards I’m feeling quite exhausted. I haven’t tried to go again. Long ago when I was 28 years old & after 2 years of my bosses secretary sending me roses and other stuff. We ended up hooking up in Miami at the Fountaine Bleu. After dinner my friend Denis, lit up a joint and I had a few puffs. As a non user I can’t tell you how that “pot” made me so horney. So around 8pm all of us changes and met at the jacuzzi. Collene pounced on me and I was so excited. We went to my room around 9pm and left the room around 9:30 to get breakfast. All I had in me was that “pot” that evening I orgasmed 7 different times with her. All she did was mumbled all night and I was afraid to ask her why. Was she laughing at me? I asked her in the morning what were you mumbling about. Was I that bad? She looked at me and said, oh no, you are the best and I couldn’t believe it while I lived it. After breakfast Colleen went to be with her peer Diana. I returned to my room with Denis and Jimmy. When They came into the room they were hysterically and ran to open the balcony door. The place really stunk! It was one of the best sex experiences of my life. On the down side my willy was hurting bad. Much of the skin had worn away, the top was badly burned. I did my best not to let it stick to my underwear. It was a tough few days after that. It was worth the memories. It was a much happier time in my life.

@dbossa helped me DESPITE my insisting that I needed an AI. He convinced me to give it a try by going off of the AI. I felt like I had nothing to lose by trying. If it didn’t work out, I’d just go back to using an AI.

@dbossa was correct. I haven’t used an AI for almost a year. My chronic foot pain is now gone. I’ve been on testosterone for over 7 years, and since being off of the AI, I have a sense of well-being that I never had for 6 years on the AI.

You guys putting down @dbossa really have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m glad that I opened up my mind, and listened to him. I’ve never felt better.


That’s great for you, but we all different. There is no one size fits all

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Once you understand aromatase, and that when you use an aromatase inhibitor, you’ll understand that our bodies are all alike, and it is pretty much a one size fits all. By using an aromatase inhibitor, you are shutting off this process to the parts of the body that need it. Do some research, it’s pretty eye opening. Maybe start with listening to some of the doctors on @dbossa’s YouTube channel. I never knew how much our bodies need to convert exogenous test to function properly, and protect vital organs.

A) You can barely spell. It’s silly to insult someone’s intelligence when you can’t even use spell check.

B) I don’t own the channel. I get zero revenue from it. I get zero referral fees, zero video view fees, none of it. Same with everyone else. Steven Devos owns the channel. He gets the revenue. He’s wealthier than everyone in this thread combined and doesn’t need the YouTube money, I can assure you.

C) Nobody gets banned for asking questions. Nobody. People get banned for being idiots after getting warnings. People get banned when they make statements that they refuse to back up with evidence. People get banned when they insult moderators who help guys for free.

D) Everything I’ve done on the channel, here, FB group, podcasts, interviews etc has all be for me on my own time. I don’t have much time to invest in it anymore as I’ve picked up national contracts that are taking up all of my time. Frankly my TRT days are coming to an end as I need to focus on my priorities (which aren’t guys like you.)

E) I don’t come around here much because I’m tired of arguing with idiots who are unable to provide evidence for anything when asked. I eventually get frustrated and it provides me zero value.

G) My wife and I are baffled by the sheer idiocy of some of you making hate threads and messaging my wife on Instagram and being vulgar with her. If any of this was done in person, you would have spent the rest of your life regretting it. Big balls with small minds and zero lives make it that they get obsessed with strangers on the internet because they have nothing more important to do. Unreal. Nobody with an actual life worth living would do any of that. It’s juvenile and pathetic. It’s guys like you who give the TRT crowd a bad name. Big political figures making changes that will impact your lives is one thing. An IT guy in Montréal saying don’t block estradiol? That’s what makes you do these things? Could you be any more pathetic? You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you don’t want to believe something that a dozen physicians are trying to explain to you in their own time, in order to help you for free, keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing and provide the compelling evidence that they need to see that would make it easy to change their minds. If you can’t and just want to shoot off your mouth anonymously like a child, protected behind your keyboard like the scared little boy you are, go right ahead.

I’m not wasting an iota of my life on idiots anymore. Not worth it.


Are you serious? People do this? I’m sorry you and especially she has to deal with this. It shouldn’t surprise me… I mean people believe the election was stolen.

Now for me. I dropped the Anastrozole Jan 2020 and the HCG 2 months prior. E2 climbed to 95. By Feb 2020 my libido was zero. ED meds had no effect. I had no interest in sex for months. I was depressed because of it. I seriously considered stopping TRT as I was mostly fine before TRT. After talking to my DR about quitting in April, he told me to go back on the HCG and AI. I told him I was having bad side effects (joint pain, zero F’s given, frequent urination) from the AI. So he switched me to Aromasin. Three weeks later with HCG and Aromasin, I was back having a desire. Now I’m trying to figure out how often to take aromasin (every day, EOD, 2x week). My Dr agreed that an AI can cause joint issues. Oct 2020 I dropped the HCG again. I noticed that ED meds were not as effective again. Started the HCG again in December and back to “normal” a few weeks later.

I’m thinking the AI alone with TRT crushes my E causing problems. TRT without the AI flies it too high for me. The HCG with the AI and TRT is best for me sexually. I believe the HCG allows my body to produce T naturally and that T aromatizes.

I tried doubling the TRT dose alone with nothing else. I felt better strength wise, but the ED meds were not as effective. That could have been because I was exhausted from going hard in the gym? I don’t know.

What is the exact protocol for everything? Have you tried T plus HCG without taking an AI? From what I understood, you either stopped hcg and AI or added them both back.

Oh, just google ‘Danny Bossa Reddit’. All created by @equel and the rest of the goons in here.

It’s been a while, so I don’t remember specifics (I was probably at 160 mg T a week when the libido was gone, I upped it to 300 and no improvement). But you may be onto something. I did not try HCG & TRT together without AI. I may try that after my next labs and consult. I’m sort of scared because the loss of libido was tuff to deal with. I’m good now, but have mild sides most likely from the AI.

HCG can have favorable benefits in some men for libido/erections, especially those who aren’t producing enough estradiol to begin with. For others, like me, we feel like garbage on it. Just saying 160mg a week isn’t really sufficient. What was frequency of injection? Total, Free T, shbg? How often were you taking the HCG and at what dose?

This is never a good path - there are at least three spelling/grammatical issues in your next two posts.

I am the grammar police, and it gets my knickers in a twist.

Personally, I am not a fan of AI or HCG. Mainly because I think AI’s are overrated, and I can’t get HCG.


Other than a single typo, that I corrected, I haven’t found any ‘grammatical issues’. I always find it hysterical that the clowns who insult other people’s intelligence always wind up having the worst spelling and grammar.

If you really WERE the grammar police, you would know that there shouldn’t be a comma after the word police in your last post and there there shouldn’t be a period after HCG (as you can’t start a sentence with the word ‘mainly’) and no comma after overrated. Again, if you’re going to bring it up, at least get it right? :wink:

For the HCG, you aren’t missing much unless you wind up being part of the small fraction of men who really find significant benefit using it in conjunction with TRT versus TRT alone. Keep it simple. The less compounds, the better.

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@dbossa Thanks for responding. Since my initial post, I’ve read over the articles you provide as scientific evidence that AIs are harmful to the body. To be honest, I personally do not believe there is enough evidence to definitively say that AIs are always harmful when taken long-term. If you’d be willing to respond, I can make a detailed post as to “why” and provide whatever evidence I come up with. Please let me know if you’d be willing to do that and I’ll work on it. As long as there is mutual respect, only progress can result from scientific discussion. Let me know. Thanks!

It’s the same circular logic thing over and over.

“What evidence do you have that AI is harmful?”

“Well, why do you want to take an AI to begin with?”

“Because I need to lower estradiol.”


“Because estradiol is causing XYZ issues”.

“No, it isn’t”

We only see benefits with estradiol so the question becomes WHY do you want to lower it or manage it? Your issues have nothing to do with estradiol but most men are convinced it is. People still insist they need an AI, just like every single guy we’ve worked with who insisted they needed one yet now, suddenly, they’re doing better without it and oftentimes their estradiol levels are even higher than they were before. You want to lower something that is providing you with benefits? Why? Do you want to lower the benefits? Why? Lowering benefits means you are inducing harm because your body would thrive if you allowed the self-regulating mechanism to do what it was designed to do instead of tampering with it. In EVERY single case, it’s an issue with the protocol. Literally every single time. No, you do not need an AI.

If you really want to learn about estradiol and TRT, take 45 minutes and watch this. If this doesn’t do it for you, nothing will. There is a reason he is the most sought after lecturer in this field on the planet. There is a reason that the vast majority of successful physicians I know have attended at least one of his seminars:

For some reason I’m unable to post a link to youtube so go on youtube and do a search for: I6IE3QdJRJI
The video is called Estrogen in Men: Good, Bad or Indifferent.