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Is this Natural Bodybuilder Real?

Ok, this might be controversial, I don’t know. I’d like to learn the God’s honest truth about what you can build without steroids vs with steroids. I am including in the “natural” cateory all non-steroidal suppliments, even though that is a very debatable definition.

So I propose to post links from bodybuilders that claim to be 100% natural, and if anyone feels strongly that these are fakes, you can say so. I have no hope whatsoever that the muscle mags have pictures that show anything but juiced bodybuilders, but I’m hoping that some of the bodybuilders that claim to be natural are NOT fakes. You be the judge and let’s at least offer our opinions about what is true, and what is not true, about the claims.

Here’s my first entry:


Natural, or not?

Im assumeing that you want to know what is possibly naturaly so you can asses where you could be without the aid of steroids.

Well one has to remember that the ranges of genetic potential are absolutely fuckin huge. One guy can naturaly have 4x the hormone levels, 4x the muscle fibers and 1/8th the fat cells of another individual(hypothetical numbers but possible). Well, having genetics like that are going do far more than steroids could ever do, besides hormone levels like that practicly mean your on steroids anyway.

The guy in the rippedabs.com ad certainly has a physique that could be attained naturally. He probably has very good, but not mutant genetics. I would consider him to have the body I’m looking to achieve if you add a little more muscle (and we’re the same age). If you read down the page you will find a series of bulletpoint information that reads like a T-Nation article. Very nice, check it out.

That guy’s not that big; I’d say he’s under 200 lbs. You might not be able to look like him (genetics determine the shape of your muscles somewhat), but almost anyone could attain that level of musculature.

With proper training and diet, his physique is totally attainable naturally. He isn’t extremely big, just nicely sized and cut. That can be done by anybody who is willing to put in the work.

That guy looks natural to me, definately.

I think the most impressive physique I’ve seen built with supposedly no usage of gear is Ulisses Williams, Jr.'s

Supposedly this guy is natural, I believe it knowing his genetics would be top of the line for drug free bodybuilders.

As far as athletic prowess (strength/speed) there are too many ways to measure specifically.

Nobody can tell for sure who’s on, and who’s not.

Time, proper diet, and training with good genetics can make many people look better than alot of guys who juice.

Other than IFBB guys/gals, it’s pretty hard to just guess who is on. It discredits the guys who can do it natty.

Side note:
Just started training with this guy who is 22. Started at LB all 4 yrs in college, now does strongman stuff. 700lb natty deadlifter at 230lbs, just sick shit. I’m on right now and can’t keep up with him and he’s never taken a thing. You just never know.


Very true answers here. Think of how many guys you know who are on and don’t really even look impressive. Could one get a body like that without aas? Yup… but his hairline is suspect. Looks like mine! LOL