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Is This Lower Body Setup Ok?


First time poster and and decided to do powerlifting 2 months ago. Just need someone to tell me if this setup is ok for my stats and goals (only strenght).
Ive only included lower days because im happy with my upper days.
Stats: bw108kg S195 B155 DL 225 (first meet lifts)

Deadlift 531 +Joker + fsl multiple sets
GM 3x12
Ab work

Squats 531+jokers + fsl
Hip thrusters 3x12
Ab work

Cheers fellas


Hip thrusters c’mon man


cut out hip thrusts - unless you’re a girl working on the shape of your ass…

Do not do GMs if you’re doing 5x5 FSL. Those are both supplemental lifts; do one or the other.

Don’t do jokers if you’re planning for a meet. Let the meet be your max, not your training.

I would do

2 cycles of
5s PRO
5x5 FSL or SSL, or 5x10 BBB
50-100 from each category

followed by 1 cycle of
5/3/1+ (and MAYBE 1-2 joker sets)
5x5 FSL
25-50 from each catagory


GM with fsl too much and hip thrusts are gay…ok.

I’ll just stick to ab work and back extensions than.


Ok just tried fsl…any accessory afterwards is out of the question. Maybe some situps.


I would do GHR