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Is This Low for a 24 Year Old?


Hey guys just went over some test results from a blood test. Doc says test levels are good but im not sure here is how it came out


Testosterone 12.80 8.0-30.0 nmol/L


what other tests were run?

what are your symptoms?

have you read the sticky regarding first time posters that lists some of the data points (age, weight, etc.) that are really helpful when offering advice?


Just that and a thyroid test which came out as


0.20-4.00 mU/L

I am 6,3 and weigh 230 lbs @ 16% bf "which I usually have down to 10% @ 200 lbs around this time

I seem to get tired enough to need a nap after working out

Bi*** of a time losing bf this time around and my diet is clean and has never steered me wrong before
My sex drive does'nt feel like it should

have a little anxiety.