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Is This Level Normal?

Hey guys quick question, I have been on 180mgs test split twice a week for about 3 months due to the virus and Michigan being on lockdown I havnt been able to take a proper bloodtest with my provider but I will be soon here in a couple weeks that said I went to one of the finger prick blood test sites and had one done just out of curiosity I know there not completely reliable and they only give a few makers but… it came back at 1250ng/dl total serum on trough if that’s how you spell it I was at 314ng/dl previously.

Unfortunately they were unable to provide calculated free test because it was to high I guess from what the results said idk never going to pay for one of those again but it was just an experiment.My question is, is that high for trough and after my shot am I sky high test wise? I feel awsome and alot of my problems have been dissolved. I basically feel like I’m 20 again and I’m 44 my lifts have dramatically increased and I’m putting on lean muscle like I never have before being older diet is spot on and I do hit training I’m blessed to have a home gym that’s really nice fortunately because all of gyms are closed anyway I have no sides so far knock on wood and I’m keeping the wife happy lol. I will definitely post a proper test results with all markers as soon as I can get to a lab. Thanks guys!

I would be happy with that number. Much higher than that, and I would start to think too high. I guess that is individualistic.

I did a finger prick test, and it came back as a lab error. I am thinking it was too high. I am on 200 mg/wk on 3X per week injections. I think I’ll skip one shot and retest. It took a really long time for me to get the lab error result (2 weeks). They did make it right though. They are shipping me a new test, and refunding my money (so a free test).

Are you worried about the Dr. lowering your dose?

On paper it is a perfect level. You can calculate free test if you measure albumin and SHBG next time. If you feel good dont touch anything, just remember you are not 20 anymore and dont get yourself injured at the gym :slight_smile:

No not really worried about the dose being lowered just curious I guess not sure what providers would consider super physio logical levels.

That is going to depend on a few things…

  1. Are you with a TRT clinic or through and endo or primary care doctor?
  2. What country are you in? And what was your answer to question 1
  3. Depends on the actual doctor

Lol yea I deff have to watch myself I had a nissen fundoplication surgery last year so I take it easy on big lifts anyway but I am definitely careful but thanks for the ego check sometimes my old ass needs it lol! One thing I forgot to add is my shgb it was 22. Before trt I think it was around 36 or so.

If you feel good dont touch anything. If you feel unstable you may need higher injection frequency

Yes I agree thanks! I’m deff leaving things the way they are for now.

I’m at a t clinic in the us I’m pretty sure they will be ok with it. I guess I’ll find out when I get a proper test done and they review it not to worried though because if it’s based on symptoms relief I’m good to go.

I agree. TRT clinic in US is going to be more liberal on average than almost any other source (other than self administer).

Yep and I’m actually prescribed 220 per week and I take 180 so there probably going to be ok with it I would imagine

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The word normal makes the question tough to answer.

But, to give you at least one other data point to compare to, I’m a 40yr old male, 195 pounds, 18% body fat, on TRT for 6 months.
I was recently on 100mg twice a week (200mg/wk). At trough, my Total T was in the 1300s, only slightly higher than yours.

And I wouldn’t consider it “sky high”. It’s barely out of the range most doctors try to keep you in. With 2xweek dosing, the difference between peak and trough is not gonna be huge.

Because of these words, I would not change a thing unless your doctor advises you to. You are living the dream right now

Ok cool thanks so far I’m really happy with the experience it basically brought me back from the dead lol. What’s funny is even though all the stress of not working from being laid off because of covid and being stuck inside I still feel really good and happy pre trt I would have probably been really stressed out.

Eh, if a doc wants him to change something simply based on testosterone serum levels while he has actualized symptom-relief, he should leave and find a new doc. Many doctors such as Dr. Keith Nichols, for instance, has most of his clients in the 1000 - 1800 range. So do many other respected doctors. The level is irrelevant, symptom resolution is what matters.

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Agreed. When I said…

What I meant was…

Since you said you’re not worried that he will lower the dose, I wouldn’t change a thing unless your doctor sees something else of concern in your blood work, or you express some concerns to him, and he subsequently advises you to make a change.

Yeah, I understood what you meant. My point is there’s no proof that higher doses of test cause harm. So I don’t see why they would ever lower someone dose if that’s the minimum they need to feel good. I could understand if they wanted to experiment with lower doses once after an established baseline, but not out of fear. Most the time they make you lower simply because they see the range is out for testosterone or estrogen, but again, there’s no reason to even have an “upper” range for testosterone as going beyond the range isn’t show to be harmful. Nor is estrogen a problem if testosterone is high.

And if there are raises to blood pressure or thyroid, it’s usually temporary until you reach homeostasis. At least if under 300-600mg of testosterone/weekly (TRT dose).


The clinic I go is actually really cool so I’m not foreseeing any issues if anything I might want to experiment with going a little higher just to see if I can get more benefits body comp wise but I know there’s deff a line not to cross before the sides start to show up.I know them all to well from doing 500mgs on up plus other compounds a week in my 20s but now I’m more about longevity,being healthy and doing things leagaly.

Normally yes, but I would not say this so absolute. Everyone is different. The studies about long term use of test above 1500 are either missing or inconclusive. And I would say with higher levels we gotta pay some close look at RBC, lipids and liver enzymes.

With that being said I personally hover around 1400. Im on self treatment, no doctor puts limitations to me Im just consulting docs from USA online from time to time so finally if something fucks up the responsibility is mine :slight_smile: