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Is this legit

I managed to get a hold of some 50 mg winny tablets. Is there such a thing as a 50 mg winny tablet? It is a little blue pill supposedly by IP (International Pharmaceuticals). If it is real, is it any good? Any help would be most appreciated.

They’re real. Many underground companies such as IP are making larger dosed pills/capsules.

they are real…i just started taking them…im on day 5 of 1.5 pills a day…working great :wink:

they should be blue octagons with a line down the middle made from 724

I am taking blue IP winstrol 50mg tabs. They are very small and have no markings on them, other than a slightly beveled edge on both sides. They work good…

Same here. About 3 mm in diameter, pale blue, with a beveled edge. I’ll be doing 1-1/2 IP 50mg tabs EOD and a 50 mg Zambon amp EOD for the last four weeks of my current cycle.