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Is This Legal?


I'm a newbie here and to be be honest I started working out it's been 3 months only. I guess that to get into depth info about my goals, if I shold or not, etc I will open another thread so for now I want to find if this information is accurate.

I was browsing the net and I found a website selling tbol and the way they advertise seems to be legal. Is it really tbol or is it a supplement? What do you guys think about the other products?


I'm not spaming and please do not consider my post as such, I just don't have any sources since I workout at home. Thanks in advance.


Why do you want it bro, if you don't have any goals?

I went there and couldn't find any "TBOL", but there prohormone section looks like shit to me. Looks as though they carry tons of legal supplements.



It's fake so don't waste your money. Now get out of the steroid forum, you punk. Start one of the many great training programs on this site and be sure to learn how to eat. And if you think I'm being a dick, wait till the vets read your post.


willijeJW, I started the post saying that I wouldn't argue my goals on this thread, my question were simple: what do you people think about the products selling on this website.

Oh shit, is dianabol (scroll down the page), so I correct myself.

ckeene231, whatever turns you on.


On second thought, why don't you buy a couple bottles and get HUUUGE! Go do some curls in the squat rack big guy.


If it smells like shit.....

Being the holidays and all I am feeling nice. So with that said:

The first thing I would do is go out there under your profile and update it. If you stats aren't good fuck it, that should give you some added motivation to change those stats. Many vets go out there to review stats so they can critique.

The second thing would be to write down some real goals. When I say REAL I mean some that are attainable over short periods.

The third thing would be to google a workout for beginners. There is a ton of info on this site, it is unreal.

Forth: Depending on the goals you have, you can google a diet for your goals.

This is somewhat of a life style, it changes everything about you, and it doesn't happen over night AND with that being said, goggle what is stated above, not any TBOL, DBOL or whatever the fuck.




Easy there ckeene231, you are just as green as he is.



willijeJW, thanks for the reply. I guess I have to be a little more realistic and decide what's good for myself and know about fitness before I even consider roids. You are right, this is a lifestyle changing decision and not just a hobby.

ckeene231, with all due respect but I was warned about people like you before I visited this website. I believe this is a great website and I've been lurking for a while before I decided to sign up.

I may be new to fitness and not know anything about it but it doesn't mean that I don't care. I want to start doing the right thing and I know that many questions by newbies sound dumb to many experienced lifters, but that's the way to learn.

Too bad serious posters have to deal with morons like you, who would rather spend their time calling people names than posting usefull information.


I can't f***ing stand those advertisements. They claim to have such products as dianObol WinstrALL etc. they misspell every compound because they do not contain any worthwhile ingredients. It's false advertising that's directed at ignorant adolescents.


Chewman, you are 100% correct.



I agree with this post 100%, but I didnt write it. I dont know how someone could post under my name. Thanksfully it's somethign I agree with!