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Is This Leg Workout Any Good?

Hello people i have just started a new leg workout after neglecting them for a while. I run a lot (sprint training not endurance) and occasionally do squats with 30kg dumbells in each hand( my gym only has fixed barbells and the highest barbell is 50kg.)

Anyway I started this workout yesterday and today i am having trouble sitting down.
This dosent rearly surprise me but i would like it if anyone could criticise my workout and tell me if im going in the right direction.

Warm up

2 circuits of one minute sets of
squats b/w
calf raise b/w
squat thrusts b/w
this is follwed by a 30 second squat hold and then a 30 second lunge hold.

basic mobility. touching toes etc

two sets of
Squats 30kg Dumbells 8 reps Perceived Rate of Exertion 8
Lunges 12kg dumbells 15-20 reps RPE 8

two sets of
deadlifts 50kg 12 reps PRE 8
Good morning 40kg 15-20 pre 8

two sets of
Leg press( machine ) 145kg 8 PRE 8
calf raise on leg press machine 80kg 15-20 reps PRE 8


5 minute cycle
10 minutes stretching

What do you want to know if this is good for? Hypertrophy? Strength?

Looks to me like you need to buy an oly weight set and get to work.

I know that. im just making the best of a bad situation. Olympic weights are impractical where i live

sorry in answer to your question i am aiming for both with emphasis on hypertrophy. the weights are just too light for strength

ever thought about ballistic stuff? like jump squats, snatches etc?

It doesn’t look terrible, however, and I’m not trying to be a jerk, but a barbell set would really help you out, even without a rack or bench.

If you’re doing as many compound, gross body movements as you can with what you’ve got, you’ll probably be fine. Make sure to use good form on all your lifts, form can go down in a hurry if you’re ina hurry (and/or doing lots of reps.)

Good luck.